​We are sorry to hear that our long time friends at Laurel have closed the FBO and retired.  We wish them the best of luck

KCCB Upland-Cable Airport​​. 25 cents/gallon discount.

E95 Benson.  Tell Roy at SW Aviation a clean joke for an additional 5 cents off per gallon and a free soft drink.


The Following FBO's Offer Fuel Discounts To Pilots Who Show This Site.


​KGCK Garden City-Saker Aviation. 25 cent/gallon discount.

​KRNC McMinnville. No discount but friendly folks who support our site.

6S8 Laurel Municipal Airport. 10 cent/gallon discount.

KNQA Millington Regional-CTI Aviation.  Full Serve at Self-Serve Prices.




 0J6 Headland Municipal Airport.  10 cents/gallon discount. (must call 24 hours in advance)

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