U36 Aberdeen Municipal Airport. Bruce says to call Aberdeen City Hall for information and access to airport car. 9/17 208-397-4161 

U01 American Falls Airport
Terry writes: call the airport manager for access. Decent minivan. They ask that you return it with a full fuel tank and pay a small per - mile fee. 5/15


KAOC Arco-Butte County Airport. A poster on the red board says there's a courtesy car at the airport, but you need to call ahead to meet the guy with the keys.  Updated 7/2020  208-681-2632


U02 Blackfoot - McCarley Field Airport. Jonas says a car is available.  208-785-8600  3/16

KBOI Boise

-Jackson Jet Center 9/16  208-383-3300

65S Bonners Ferry, Boundary Co.
-Northern Air - Jeff says: Two courtesy vans. Pretty tired but reliable. One with a "Fly Northern Air" paint scheme... Both are available for multiple days. Contribution to car fund is requested. Very friendly staff. 3/16


U03 Buhl Municipal Airport.  State owned car.  MOGAS UL 91 8/2020. Rick 208-731-3781

​-KBYI Burley Municipal Airport.  Jade says "they have a state courtesy car. It is $5 to use it and $0.30 a mile and an extra $5 if used overnight. There is a 24 hour limit. Contact "The FlightLine", KBYI's FBO at 208-678-7118 for more information and availability. The car is a first come, first serve basis and you cannot call ahead and reserve. 1/18

KEUL Caldwell Airport  Midfield Aviation.  (Car not confirmed, call first)

208-484-7782  Airport cafe on field.  208-459-4428

66S Coolin. Cavanaugh Bay Airport. Steve says they charge $7.50 and $0.60 a mile for a late model Chevy Impala.  9/2020  Allen 208-443-2721 or cell 208-659-8198  5/18

KDIJ Driggs-Reid Memorial
-"Courtesy Transportation"  2/18  Teton Aviation
Cafe on field.  Warbirds Cafe.  208-354-2550

U88 Garden Valley Airport. State owner car.  5/18. Annie. 208-462-6036 or 208-462-9233

KGNG Gooding  -High Range Aviation.  1/18  208-934-5934
 A courtesy car is available for $5.

KGIC Grangeville- Idaho County Airport.  1/18  208-983-1565

-KJER Jerome-Jerome Co.   7/16  208-324-9980

S73 Kamiah Municipal Airport
State owned car, $5/day-30 cents/mile.  1/18

Call 208-935-2672

S83 Kellogg. Shoshone County Airport. 3 cars available per manager. 4/18.  208-786-5381

​​Click on Newton Ad for Info on Free Tickets to Pima Air & Space Museum

Driving directions to Bear Lake County.

​S72 St Maries Municipal Airport  2/15
A user reports there are 2 Chevy SUV's available, check in the pilots lounge. 
208-582-0941  7/16-PLEASE NOTE, a user reports one vehicle had a flat, another a dead battery, covered in dust, unattended field. Do not count on these vehicles until an updated report.  

KTWF Twin Falls Joslin Field  -Reeder Flying Service.. 2/18  208-733-5920.  Cafe on field.  Happy Landings.   208-736-3710

3U2 Yellow Pine. Johnson Creek Airport. State owned car. 5/18 Caretaker. 208-633-3333

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on Airport Courtesy Cars.

KMLD Malad City Airport. 1/18. Lou. 208-766-4116 Ext. 100

U76 Mountain Home Muni.  State car available, $5/day, 30 cents/mile,  1/18  Call first 208-587-3585

KMAN  Nampa  -Avcenter  208-466-5432  3 crew cars. 
Cafe on airport.  Tower Grill.   208-468-0460  MOGAS UL 91 8/2020 "Desert Nomad" says: The Tower Grill right on the field has great burgers and just a 2 minute walk away is the Warhawks air museum which was a great place to spend a couple hours. 4/17
S68 Orofino Municipal Airport. Lyle says a car is available. 10/17  208-476-4725

1U7 Paris.  Bear Lake Co. See photo at bottom of page.   9/18  208-847-1374

S75 Payette Muni  "Courtesy Transportation" 2/18  MOGAS  UL 91  8/2020  208-642-6024

KPIH Pocatello Regional Airport  -Dale writes there is a nice car available at AvCenter.  2/16  208-234-2141

​U10 Preston Airport. State owned car.  5/18. Craig 208-852-2151.

1S6 Priest River Municipal Airport
A user writes a car is available, a Suzuki Vitara, check with the pilots lounge. 

KRXE Rexburg-Madison County Airport.  Car available at Copter Doctor Plus, call Louis before hand.  208-351-6703. Or State car, Craig. 1/18 208-356-9960

U56 Rigby  Dennis says they have a car at Sharp Aviation. 1/17.  

-KSMN Salmon-Lemhi County. Updated  6/2020  208-756-3152  Also at Gem Air. 208-756-7382

KSZT Sandpoint Airport
-Granite aviation has a Chevy suburban as a courtesy car. Matt adds he drove it recently and the AC didn't work.  8/16  

U87 Smiley Creek.  Steve says they charge $7.50 and $0.60 a mile for a late model Chevy Impala.  Smiley also wants proof of insurance.   208-334-8775  Or caretaker. Updated 9/2020  208-774-2984 

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