U36 Aberdeen Municipal Airport. Bruce says to call Aberdeen City Hall for information and access to airport car. 9/17 208-397-4161 

U01 American Falls Airport
Terry writes: call the airport manager for access. Decent minivan. They ask that you return it with a full fuel tank and pay a small per - mile fee. 5/15


KAOC Arco-Butte County Airport. A poster on the red board says there's a courtesy car at the airport, but you need to call ahead to meet the guy with the keys.  Updated 7/2020  208-681-2632


U02 Blackfoot - McCarley Field Airport. Jonas says a car is available.  208-785-8600  3/16

KBOI Boise

-Jackson Jet Center 9/16  208-383-3300

65S Bonners Ferry, Boundary Co.
-Northern Air - Jeff says: Two courtesy vans. Pretty tired but reliable. One with a "Fly Northern Air" paint scheme... Both are available for multiple days. Contribution to car fund is requested. Very friendly staff. 3/16


U03 Buhl Municipal Airport.  State owned car.  MOGAS UL 91 8/2020. Rick 208-731-3781

​-KBYI Burley Municipal Airport.  Jade says "they have a state courtesy car. It is $5 to use it and $0.30 a mile and an extra $5 if used overnight. There is a 24 hour limit. Contact "The FlightLine", KBYI's FBO at 208-678-7118 for more information and availability. The car is a first come, first serve basis and you cannot call ahead and reserve. 1/18

KEUL Caldwell Airport  Midfield Aviation.  (Car not confirmed, call first)

208-484-7782  Airport cafe on field.  208-459-4428

66S Coolin. Cavanaugh Bay Airport. Steve says they charge $7.50 and $0.60 a mile for a late model Chevy Impala.  9/2020  Allen 208-443-2721 or cell 208-659-8198  5/18

KDIJ Driggs-Reid Memorial
-"Courtesy Transportation"  2/18  Teton Aviation
Cafe on field.  Warbirds Cafe.  208-354-2550

U88 Garden Valley Airport. State owner car.  5/18. Annie. 208-462-6036 or 208-462-9233

KGNG Gooding  -High Range Aviation.  1/18  208-934-5934
 A courtesy car is available for $5.

KGIC Grangeville- Idaho County Airport.  1/18  208-983-1565

KSUN Hailey. Friedman Memorial Airport.  Atlantic. 208-788-9511. Pilot reports: "New unpublished overnight fee of $25 at KSUN (Atlantic Aviation) for singles."  12/2021

-KJER Jerome-Jerome Co.   7/16  208-324-9980

S73 Kamiah Municipal Airport
State owned car, $5/day-30 cents/mile.  1/18

Call 208-935-2672

S83 Kellogg. Shoshone County Airport. 3 cars available per manager. 4/18.  208-786-5381

​​Click on Newton Ad for Info on Free Tickets to Pima Air & Space Museum

Driving directions to Bear Lake County.

​S72 St Maries Municipal Airport  2/15
A user reports there are 2 Chevy SUV's available, check in the pilots lounge. 
208-582-0941  7/16-PLEASE NOTE, a user reports one vehicle had a flat, another a dead battery, covered in dust, unattended field. Do not count on these vehicles until an updated report.  

KTWF Twin Falls Joslin Field  -Reeder Flying Service.. 2/18  208-733-5920.  Cafe on field.  Happy Landings.   208-736-3710

3U2 Yellow Pine. Johnson Creek Airport. State owned car. 5/18 Caretaker. 208-633-3333

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on Airport Courtesy Cars.

KLWS Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport.   Rob reports: "Hillcrest Aircraft FBO has a SUPER nice Honda mini-van.  Amazing staff!  Car used in March 2021. 208-746-8271  (Other FBO also lists a car).

KMLD Malad City Airport. 1/18. Lou. 208-766-4116 Ext. 100

U76 Mountain Home Muni.  State car available, $5/day, 30 cents/mile,  1/18  Call first 208-587-3585

KMAN  Nampa  -Avcenter  208-466-5432  3 crew cars. 
Cafe on airport.  Tower Grill.   208-468-0460  MOGAS UL 91 8/2020 "Desert Nomad" says: The Tower Grill right on the field has great burgers and just a 2 minute walk away is the Warhawks air museum which was a great place to spend a couple hours. 4/17
S68 Orofino Municipal Airport. Lyle says a car is available. 10/17  208-476-4725

1U7 Paris.  Bear Lake Co. See photo at bottom of page.   9/18  208-847-1374

S75 Payette Muni  "Courtesy Transportation" 2/18  MOGAS  UL 91  8/2020  208-642-6024

KPIH Pocatello Regional Airport  -Dale writes there is a nice car available at AvCenter.  2/16  208-234-2141

​U10 Preston Airport. State owned car.  5/18. Craig 208-852-2151.

1S6 Priest River Municipal Airport
A user writes a car is available, a Suzuki Vitara, check with the pilots lounge. 

KRXE Rexburg-Madison County Airport.  Car available at Copter Doctor Plus, call Louis before hand.  208-351-6703. Or State car, Craig. 1/18 208-356-9960

U56 Rigby  Dennis says they have a car at Sharp Aviation. 1/17.  

-KSMN Salmon-Lemhi County. Updated  6/2020  208-756-3152  Also at Gem Air. 208-756-7382

KSZT Sandpoint Airport
Rob updates us: "Newer Toyota Highlander I believe?  Used it October 2020.  They also have bikes you can just grab and go with (in bike barn near fuel station, no permission needed.)"  

U87 Smiley Creek.  Steve says they charge $7.50 and $0.60 a mile for a late model Chevy Impala.  Smiley also wants proof of insurance.   208-334-8775  Or caretaker. Updated 9/2020  208-774-2984 

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