-KALN Alton-St Louis Regional Airport. Don says there is a car at West Star Aviation.  3/17  618-259-3230  

-KBMI Bloomington/Normal-Central Illinois Regional Airport. 2/15
Car available at: 
Synergy Flight Center  309-828-4448

or Image Air  309-663-2303  

-1C5 Bolingbrook's Clow International.  A&M Aviation.  630-759-1555
Cafe on field.  Charlie's   630-771-0501


​KCTK Canton - Ingersoll Airport. Dave says a courtesy car is available, says Dave. 4/16  309-647-2072

-KMDH Carbondale-Murphysboro.  Flightline.  618-529-3377

-KCPS Cahokia-St. Louis Downtown.
Jet Aviation  
Ideal Aviation  618-337-3400

1H8 Casey Muni. "Courtesy Transportation".  Sky's the Limit.  217-932-2078

-KCMI Champaign/Urbana U of I Willard Airport.  Flightstar.  217-351-7700

-KPWK Chicago Exec-Palwaukee.  Hawthorne.  847-325-0566
-KARR Chicago Aurora Municipal.
-J.A. Air. 4/18   
-Lumanair. 4/18   630-466-4866  Ben says: "No ramp fee, and the tiedown was free even with several hours with the oil pan heater plugged in before my departure. I didn't use a car, but they have two Chevy Cruze's.  

KDPA DuPage Airport. Chicago/West Chicago.  Sam says: "-DuPage Flight Center has an almost brand-new courtesy car available 24/7. Hour and a half limit."  11/18.  630-208-5600

KORD Chicago Ohare.  Signature.  773-686-7000

KMDW Chicago Midway
Atlantic  773-582-5720

3CK Chicago/Lake In The Hills.
Dave says FBO has a car, old police cruiser Crown Vic. 2/15


KRFD Chicago-Rockford International.
Crew cars at -North American Pride. 
-Emery Air, 815-968-8287

KUGN Chicago-Waukegan Regional Airport.
John says Signature has 2 cars, first come, first served. 5/15

847-336-9220   A recent AOPA story show the airport now has a reduced fuel SS price, a free tie down area and a pedestrian gate avoiding the requirement to go through the FBO.  1/18 

-KEZI Kewanee Municipal Airport.
Crew car available at Anderson Flying Service.    

C75 Lacon-Marshall Co.  "Courtesy Transportation". 05/20  309-246-2870
3LF Litchfield. "Courtesy Transportation". 05/20  217-556-4299

KAAA Lincoln-Logan County Airport.
Lincoln has a van and also the site of the Heritage Museum, per Dave.  He says in 03/18 they now have 2 cars. Thanks Dave.  

KMQB Macomb Municipal Airport.  2/15  Car at Cobb Aviation Services per Derrick and Tom.  309-833-3324

KMTO Mattoon/Charleston. Coles County Memorial Airport. Mercedes crew car.  217-239-8877  Cafe on field.  11/19  Thanks Jim for the tip.

KMLI Moline/Quad City International.  -Elliott Aviation. 05/20   309-799-3183
C66 Monmouth Municipal Airport.  Chris says Monmouth has a courtesy car and MOGAS.  7/17.  309-734-3411  CALL AHEAD, PILOT REPORTS IN 12/19 A FIRE BURNED DOWN FBO.

C09 Morris.  1/18  815-942-1600
KPRG Paris. Edgar County Airport. Mark sent in this photo.  4/19. 217-465-8474​

KIJX Jacksonville Municipal Airport.
A user writes: Not city or county owned but incorporated as a separate municipality. 2 free courtesy cars for pilots. First come first served. No reservation accepted.  2/15  
217 243-5824 

KJOT Joliet Regional Airport. 9/19 MOGAS UL 91 8/2020  815-741-7267

KIKK  Greater Kankakee Airport.  Jim says: "They have a nice little FBO and loaned me a Toyota Yaris IA with 7500 miles on it. Definitely the newest courtesy car ive ever seen."  05/20  815-939-3400  Negative reviews on AirNav

​​Click on Newton Ad for Info on Free Tickets to Pima Air & Space Museum

-KDEC Decatur Airport  Gaiters Aviation. 5/2021  217-423-9903  Airport cafe on field.  The Main Hangar.  217-421-7452

KDKB De Kalb Taylor Municipal Airport.  815-758-3521 
DeKalb Flight Center has a Chevy Blazer and Chevy Impala.  7/18

1H2 Effingham County Memorial Airport. Mark says in 9/2020: "they have two airport courtesy cars there, both Crown Victorias. Just wanted to let you know!"  217-536-5312
KFWC Fairfield Municipal Airport.  Jim says: "Bill helped me fill up with reasonably priced gas, and gave me the keys to their Ford Expedition. There's several excellent restaurants in town, which is only a mile or two."  5/2021  618-842-9587 

KFOA Flora Municipal Airport. Friedrich says "Flora has a nice courtesy car (Van) most of the time available. Key is accessible also after office hours."  7/17.  618-662-2823

KGBG Galesburg Muni.  Two crew cars at Jet Air. 1/17  309-342-3134

KGRE Greenville Airport.   11/17.  618-664-0926

KHSB Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport. Hank reports a car and sent in the below picture.  5/2021   618-253-7806 

​-KSPI Springfield.  Ed says Horizon Aviation (now called Stellar Aviation) has 2 courtesy cars and is "an awesome place to stop."  Updated 9/19   217-523-5080

KTAZ Taylorville Municipal Airport. "HK" gave us an update and picture in 2/2021.  Thanks!    217-824-9313

--C15 Pekin Municipal Airport. Manager Clayton says a 7 passenger van is available 24/7, first come, first serve. 4/16   309 348 3692

KVYS Peru Illinois Valley Regional Airport Walter A Duncan Field.

KPNT Pontiac Municipal Airport.  John says car is available for in town use only from Pontiac Flying Service. 9/18  815-842-3738
KUIN Quincy Regional Airport-Baldwin Field. Daniel says there is a car at Great River Aviation.  7/18  217-885-3353

KRSV Robinson-Crawford Co.  Crew car available per Howard.  618-586-2121

KTIP Rantoul National Aviation Center-Frank Elliott Field. 4/19  217-979-2479

KRPJ Rochelle Municipal.   815-562-8619
Cafe on field. The Flight Deck.  815-561-3664  "A good restaurant right on the field. In the summer you can sit outside and watch the skydivers land right in front of you." John says to call ahead for the car.  4/19
KLOT Romeoville -  Lewis University Airport, Jim says they "offer a van for local use free. Debbie at the front desk will make a copy of your drivers license, and hand you the keys.  She also has a list of restaurants and their menus to help make a decision on where to eat. The number if you want to call ahead is 815-838-9497.  I'm a member of the Joliet Region Port District, who owns and operates Lewis.  The AWOS and facility directory calls it "Chicago Romeoville Airport".  7/16

KSAR Sparta Community Airport-Hunter Field. Don says they have a courtesy car and nice restaurants within walking distance. 4/18  Sparta Aero Services. 618-443-2002

-KSQISterling/Rockfalls. Whiteside County Airport-Jos H Bittorf Field.

Ryan says they have a car and adds: "It is an older Isuzu Trooper with the "service trans" light illuminated, but the lady at the FBO cheerfully tossed us the keys without checking ID's or anything and recommended a local restaurant for dinner...Candlelight Inn just up the street with excellent food.  We were told to "leave the keys in it" when we were done with the car.  Car ran good and had cold air!  9/19  815-213-7939

KVLA Vandalia Municipal Airport.  7/2020
Has a operating courtesy car available 24/7 for in town use.   

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

​Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on A.C.C's!


KDNV Danville, Vermilion Regional Airport.  Jim says: "Midwest Aero has two courtesy cars available; a Toyota Avalon and a Chrysler Town & Country."  5/2021  217-431-1998

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