KBXM Brunswick Exec.   Flight Level Aviation. 11/2020  207-406-2081

KEPM Eastport Muni."Courtesy Transportation".   11/2020  207-853-6060

KFVE Frenchville-Northern Aroostook Regional.  Michael updates that the car is still there.  10/2023  207-543-6300

3B1 Greenville Municipal Airport.  News story reports they have a car.  11/2020   207-299-8220  Photo of FBO courtesy of Ted Leubbers via GAN.


-KPWM Portland International  Northeast Air  207-774-6318  ​David says -Mac Air also has 3 cars.  11/17  207-780-1811

​-KSFM Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport. Roger says "I recently visited Sanford Maine (KSFM) and discovered that Southern Maine aviation located at the main terminal has a crew car available for free." 8/16.  MOGAS UL 91 8/2020  207-324-8919  Cafe on field.  Cockpit Cafe.  207-324-7332

3B5 Turner Twitchell Airport.  Steller Air Service says  they have a car and good small airport atmosphere.  8/17.  MOGAS UL91  8/2020  207-225-3490

-KIWI Wiscasset Airport.  Brad says they have a courtesy car available. 2/18


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​-KBGR Bangor International Airport.  A user writes:  Bangor Aviation has a courtesy van available. The are located at the GA terminal at Bangor International Airport. 122.95. 11/2020  207-992-4582 

KBHB Bar Harbor. Barb says: "Just used their great Caravan avail for 1.5 hours which allows plenty of time to have a lobsta roll by the bay.  "8/2020  207-667-5534

0B1 Bethel Regional Airport." Courtesy Transportation" and bicycles, per Kristian.  6/2021.  207-512-5552

​KHUL Houlton International Airport.  A unnamed user reports a courtesy car and self serve avgas.  11/2022.  207-538-7997