7Y4 Bagley Municipal Airport. 2/15.  Dennis says car available, call the Sheriff's dispatch for info.  218-694-6226

KBJI Bemidji Regional Airport.  Car available at the FBO per Bob in 7/17.  218-751-1880
KBRD Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport. Lawrence says a car is available at North Point Aviation, Updated 2/2024. 218-829-3398  Cafe on field.  Wings Airport Cafe. 218-828-0206

KCFE Buffalo Municipal Airport.  Ambyr sends in a picture of the new courtesy car there.  Fred reports the car is still there in May, 2021, thanks Fred!  763-682-1181


KANE Minneapolis Anoka-Blaine County Airport
-Lynx. 1/18 

KFCM Minneapolis-Flying Cloud
-Thunderbird. 1/18 
-Premier Jet. 1/18 
-Executive. 1/18 
952-943-1519 and
-Elliott Aviation.  Greg says they have a courtesy van because he saw a couple of JET JOCKs request & use it the other day to go have RIBs for lunch on a stop over.  1/18.  

KMSP Minneapolis-St. Paul International  Signature.  High Ramp Fees reported to AirNav. Brad adds: "Very high ramp fees. Was just over $100 for a Cessna 182. But that included 8gal of 100L at $8/gal that would have otherwise been in the fee.Very nice FBO. They will arrange pickup/drop off from the MSP international airport if you radio in ahead of time by 30min or more. I don't think there is a fee for that.  11/2020

KMZH Moose Lake Carlton County  Venture North Aviation. 2 cars available, a Yukon and Town & Country.  Call first for availability. 7/17 218-451-0542

KJMR Mora Muni. 320-679-1511

KMOX Morris Municipal Airport - Charlie Schmidt Field
Car is available, call ahead for after hours and weekend use, per Chris, 3/15.  

KULM New Ulm Municipal Airport. Tim reports they have 2 courtesy cars.  6/2021.  507-354-8127

KOVL Olivia Regional Airport.  01/2023  320-523-2186 Get keys from airport managers office, Willmar Aerial Spray. And Charles reports home cooking style restaurant one block east of airport.   Jerry adds the name of the cafe, Max's Grill  320-523-2833.  01/2023  Lucas adds: "Chatterbox is the cafe a stones throw to the east from the airport that serves breakfast and lunch with absolutely killer caramel rolls."

KOWA Owatona Degner Regional.  Southern MN Flight Center.  1/18


KPKD Park Rapids Municipal Airport-Konshok Field.  2/15
Park Rapids has a courtesy van, mid 90s Oldsmobile, available at no charge. If no one is around there is contact information inside on who to contact and where to get the keys. 

-KPEX Paynesville Muni. Brad says: "We used one of the vehicles, an old police car. It was in a garage or hangar (forget) so it wasn't visible from outside. The keys were in their local building."  11/2020  320-243-3714

16D Perham Municipal 218-346-4455

KPWC Pine River Regional Airport.  David writes: Gary Gardner owns crew car. Due to vandalism when it was left outside, it's now in a hangar. Call him at Gardner Hdwe:  218-587-2585, red SUV. 5/15

-KPQN Pipestone Municipal Airport. Sheri says "one van and one sedan - great people."  8/17  Country Aire.  507-562-2332  605-360-2233

-KFKA Preston-Filmore Co.  "Courtesy Transportation" 1/18  507-765-3854
KPNM Princeton Municipal Airport.  Jerry says a city Crown Vic is at the terminal.  12/18  763-389-2040

KRGK Red Wing Regional  -Blue Airways. 1/18  715-594-3999

-KRWF Redwood Falls Municipal Airport
Betsy writes they have a car and "a really nice fellow, just call if he's not there."  12/16  

KRST Rochester International Airport.  Signature Flight Support. High Ramp Fees Reported to AirNav and on AOPA's list of 10 Airport Access Watch List.  507-282-1717

KROX Roseau-Billberg Field,  218-463-3906,  in far NW MN, original home of Polaris snowmobiles and ATV's.  Fred sent in this picture of the retired police cruiser, now a courtesy car, and the new pilots lounge.  8/19.

KGPZ Grand Rapids/Itasca County Airport-Gordon Newstrom Field.  AirWays Aviation Center.  218-326-1226
KGDB Granite Falls Muni.  "Courtesy Transportation." 1/19  320-564-3011

KHCO Hallock Municipal Airport. Jeremy reports a car, 3/15.
Two River Airspray. 

1D6 Hector Municipal Airport. Brett says a car is available and "call the manager Edgar for the key 320-848-2745." 4/20

KHIB Hibbing Range Regional  -Hibbing Fueling Facility. 1/19  218-263-4353

KHCD Hutchinson Municipal Airport-Butler Field
-Mitchell advises there is a car available there at ASI Jet. 8/16
MY72 Isle Private Airport. Per a news story, a courtesy car is available. 

KMJQ Jackson Municipal. Ambyr says "call ahead for check out procedures. They'll have it ready for you. great small town FBO." 1/19. -PS Aviation 507-847-3599

KLJF Litchfield Municipal Airport.  Laura says the City of Litchfield FBO has a courtesy car.  Nolan confirms: "they have an old police cruiser for a courtesy car, with the keys inside the FBO." 10/2022  320-693-7201
KLXL Little Falls/Morrison County Airport-Lindbergh Field
Car available at Big Sky Aviation.  It is a retired police Dodge Charger.  2 hour max. 06.2022.  
MOGAS  UL91  320-616-5525
14Y Long Prairie-Todd Field.  Sam updates is 11/2022: "This airport has a former police Ford Explorer in a garage with a block heater for Minnesota  winter. Good condition and a quick drive to Rohde’s Grill with good food." 320-732-2167
KXVG Longville Muni.  "Courtesy Transportation.  1/19  218-363-2022

KLYV Luverne-Quentin Aanenson Field Airport
-Bob says there is a durable Jeep Cherokee available, check for keys at Sierra Delta Aviation. 9/15  

KMKT Mankato Regional Airport. Hiroshi says cars are available at North Star Aviation.  2 SUV's available, 2 hour limit.  Jason adds "They are available from North Star Aviation during business hours.  No landing or handling fees for piston aircraft."  10/17.  507-625-6006

​​KGHW Glenwood Municipal Airport.  Bryce sent in the photo.  08/2023.  Key location blocked for security, call ahead for details.  320-634-5433

KCBG Cambridge Municipal Airport.  Rob says: "Chevy Malibu on site, key box in terminal. Airport courtesy car sign on side of car."  8/19. 763-689-1800

KDTL Detroit Lakes Airport-Wething Field. Brad confirms a Crown Vic is there 11/2020  218-847-3233

KTOB Dodge Center Airport.  Mike says a car is there, 3/15.
KDLH Duluth International Airport.  Chris says a car is available at Monaco Aviation. 218-727-2911  8/19 

KDYT Duluth Sky Harbor. Ben says: "Sky Harbor had a Dodge minivan as a courtesy car that was available for 2 hours."  Jerry reports bicycles also available.  4/19  218-733-0078

​Y63 Elbow Lake Municipal/Pride of the Prairie Airport.  Jerry says: "The official car appeared to be out of service temporarily. So I was provided the use of a nicer Dodge mini-van. Make sure you call the FBO Prairie Air for details… " 218-685-6594  ​06/2022

KFRM Fairmont Municipal Airport.  Jeffrey says: "they have a free courtesy car available that can be added to the list.  It’s an old city police cruiser but works well.   I’m on the Airport Commission so know this to be correct.  [😊]" 4/19.  507-235-6160

KFFM Fergus Falls Municipal Airport-Einar Mickelson Field
They have a car and a van available for use, per Chris, 3/15. 

KGYL Glencoe Municipal Airport.  Brad says 11/2020: " the car is usually plugged in all the winter. The building is heated and has mens and womens bathrooms. Glencoe is just 2 miles away and there is a hardware store on the way in. The Kwik Trip (in Glencoe) has Ethanol Free Premium but would need your own gas cans."  320-864-5586

KCQM Cook Municipal Airport.  Fred says a car isn available 4/2023. 218-666-9931  ​Instructions posted in the FBO.

-D39 Sauk Centre Muni. "Courtesy Transportation." 1/15. Double check due to negative comment in Air Nav.   320-352-2203

KSTC St Cloud Regional. Ben says: "there was a courtesy van that was available first come/first serve through St. Cloud Aviation. Didn't cost anything and to leave a Cessna 172 there while we went to supper there was no ramp fee/any fee of any kind." Jerry adds"They do indeed have a courtesy car. In fact, it looks like they have multiple cars. And it was absolutely no hassle."  5/19 320-253-1500

KSTP St Paul Downtown/Holman Field. -St. Paul Flight Center. 4/18 651-227-8108  Signature. 11/2020  651-224-1100  Cafe on field. Holman's Table. Brad adds: "They have outdoor seating facing the airport which is great in the summer. No landing fees to park right in front of the restaurant."  612-800-5298

21D  St. Paul, Lake Elmo Airport.  Sam says: "they have an older Honda Civic in great shape. I called the FBO (Lake Elmo Aero) and made a reservation."  8/2020.  651-777-1399

KSAZ Staples Municipal Airport  Free van, per Bob in 6/15.   218-894-2550

12D Tower Municipal Airport
Andrew reports a 2000 Chrysler Town and Country courtesy car is available for day or overnight use with a call to the airport manager. 8/15  

KTWM Two Harbors-Richard B Helgesson Airport.
Barry writes:  $10 for the day $20 for overnight. Older Pontiac in very good condition. Brad adds: "You can call ahead and reserve either of the (2) courtesy cars - very nice as the north shore gets busy."  
MOGAS UL 91  8/2020   218-830-0470 

KADC Wadena Municipal Airport.  1/15
Wadena Municipal has an early 2000s four door suburban 4x4 kept in an onsite hangar. If know one is around, there is a phone number inside to contact the city for a key and access into hangar. No charge, just refill it up. 

Y49 Walker Municipal Airport.  Grant says: " Very nice building with restroom, lounge area, snacks, etc.  Courtesy car is first come, first serve.  Keys are in a lockbox in the FBO building which can be accessed 24 hours. 218-547-1616  7/2021

KRRT Warroad International Memorial Airport. Chris says a car is available at Warroad Aviation.  218-386-1691 ​3/16
KBDH Willmar Municipal Airport. Ambyr says a Ford Ranger is available. In 11/2020 Brad adds: " that there is an actual F14 Tomcat parked right outside the airport building. Great for pictures and exploring."  320-894-1872

KOTG Worthington Municipal Airport.  2/15
Cars available at Integrity Aviation. 

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!​

Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on A.C.C's!

-KAXN Alexandria Chandler Field.  320-762-2111.  Kreg updates 10/2023: " 3 courtesy cars available. One is a Ford Interceptor, a VW Passat, and an F150."

-KAIT Aitkin-Kurtz Field.

KAEL Albert Lea Municipal Airport.  From airport manager: "We have a Ford Explorer car ( 3 hour limit, 15 mile radius, overnights OK).  Photo in front of our new arrival/departure building under construction—completion date June 1, 2018.  We do have 93 octane MOGAS UL 94  8/2020.  We also have 6 eating places within 4 blocks of the airport.  4/18.  507-373-0608

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​-KROS Rush City Regional. 1/18  320-358-4743

55Y Rushford Muni. Rushford Aviation. 1/18  507-864-2705  ​Or Paul Peterson Aviation. "Courtesy Transportation." 507-875-1100 1/18. Nick sent the below picture of him with the Rushford car back in 2015.  Jerry also reports free root beer floats in the terminal!  And Blake adds: " The '78 Dodge is still alive and well as of 10/23/21. I attached a photo of it from today. This is a great place to stop, the building is really nice and had a fridge full of soda!"

18Y Milaca Municipal Airport. News story reports one of the nicest cars.  5/18. 320-983-6547
KMGG Maple Lake Municipal-Bill Mavencamp Sr Field Airport. Cole says they have a tan mini van at Ascend Aviation.  8/16.   763-913-6376 

KHZX McGregor-Iverson Airport.  Jerry said the car is still there.  8/2023  MOGAS   406-223-4955