KAOV Ava.  Bill Martin Memorial Airport.  Tyrel says: "There is an old Crown vic available, great folks at the strip as well!"  4/19. 417-840-2301

M17 Bolivar Muni.
- S.O.A.R.,  1/18  

H88  Fredericktown  573-783-4040    08/2022.  Hank says: "(H88) has 2 courtesy cars - a minivan and a Tahoe.

KLPLK Branson. M Graham Clark Downtown Airport. Chris says: "Courtesy car available but it’s only a one mile walk to the nicest place in Branson for lunch, the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks."  12/19  417-332-1848

​KIRK Kirksville Regional.  660-665-5020.  11/17.
(Actually a "City of Kirksville" car.)

KLBO Lebanon Airport. 3/2021 HK sent the pictures in, they have 2 cars,  thanks!   417-532-7879

​-KLXT Lee's Summit Muni.  Mike says: Lee's Summit has 2 great Town Cars for pilot's.  Updated 2/2024.  MOGAS  UL91  2/2024  816-969-1186

K89 Macon Fower Memorial Airport. Andy says there is a Jeep Grand Cherokee courtesy car. 10/15  660-385-6208
 Malden Regional Airport. Mark says a mini-van is available at First Flight Aviation.  9/17  573-776-4406

KMHL Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport.  Robbie says a courtesy car is available.  1/18  660-886-3320

KEVU Maryville, Northwest Missouri Regional Airport.  11/17.  Chad says: "We encourage traffic to fly in and see our brand new runway and ramp plus nice terminal building. And we have two minivans available as courtesy cars."  660-562-8001  

03D Memphis Memorial Airport. Chad says: "has an old cop car sitting on the ramp ready to go. Unattended airport, and once I flew in and the battery for the car was dead but a nice guy from the airport board came out and jump-started it to get me going."  11/17  660-465-7285  

KMYJ Mexico Memorial.  MOGAS  UL 91  8/2023  573-581-0162

KBBG Branson Airport  -Branson Jet  417-334-8234

-KFWB Branson West Municipal Airport - Emerson Field
3 hour limit.

-M08 Brookfield North Central Mo. Regional  660-258-7317

KOZS Camdenton Memorial   Keith gave us this update 10/2021: "They said that they charge $30 to use the car for a couple of hours, and $50 for keeping it overnight.  Any fuel you purchase is deducted from the cost of using the car."  -Lake Aviation 573-346-0300

-KEZZ Cameron Memorial 1/18  816-284-3136

KCGI Cape Girardeau.
-"Cape Aviation,
573-335-6632 has a car they will loan out,

overnight if no one else needs it or you get it back early." 1/18

Cafe on field.  Sandy's Place.   573-334-0800

KCHT Chillicothe Municipal Airport. Call first for car. 8/15  

KGLY Clinton Regional 1/18 660-885-8889

KCOU Columbia Regional Airport
-Joel says a car available at Central Missouri Aviation.  5/16 Updated available 1/18. 

KDXE Dexter Municipal Airport573-624-4377  ​R. Kelly adds: has the Airways Cafe on field, Airway Cafe. 573-624-4377 ​ Hank sent in the updated photo 4/2023

KJEF Jefferson City Memorial  -Car available at Jefferson City Flying Service.  7/17 573-636-5118  Keith says: "KJEF, has a new cafe open on the airport, “The Landing Zone”, open every day but Wednesday from 6 am - 2 pm."  9/2021

KJLN Joplin Regional. Troy reports a car in 2/15. Updated 1/18.
-Alpha Air 
-Mizzou Aviation also has courtesy cars for use.  

KMKC Kansas City Downtown

KTKX Kennett Memorial Airport.  Harry reports: "

They have (3) cars available for pilot use.
1. Ford Taurus
2. Cadillac
3. Chevy van.
The person to talk to is Airport Manager Sam Jewell
573-888-5846."  10/18

KMBY Moberly Omar N Bradley Airport. 5/2020
660-263-4420 or 660-269-8705.  Dennis writes: courtesy cars available and Moberly Motors and Ford Store rents cars and vans. Unicom 122.7 

KGPH Mosby Midwest National. 10/18  -QuickTurn Flight  816-407-3390

-KEOS Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport  Crew car is available. 10/18  417-451-8098

KNVD Nevada Muni.  -Aero B. "Courtesy transportation"  10/18 417-448-2752

KPCD Perryville.  Chris updates us: "Missouri/Perryville KPCD lost their MOGAS.  Two cars still available and nearby Al’s Diner is a HOOT!  Hank updated that instructions for the car use are posted on the door.  1/2021  573-547-2594
KPYN Piedmont Municipal Airport. Hank's picture from 1/2023 

KUNO Pomona-West Plains Regional Airport. 2/18
417-257-7658 Jeff says two decent courtesy cars available. Both are former city vehicles, and one is a decommissioned cop car. Nothing like the feeling of rolling down the road in something Barney Fife might have driven! :)"

KPOF Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport.  Hank updates us: "They actually have 4 cars available, and today I was the 3rd car out.  There is a wide variety of restaurants nearby, and the airport is well maintained with self serve fuel and very friendly and helpful personnel."  1/2022

KDMO Sedalia Regional. 10/18  660-826-4128
KSIK Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport. Car now available and: Kelly writes: "Lambert's Restaurant, world-famous for home cooking and "throwed rolls" offers courtesy transportation to the restaurant from KSIK about 1 mile away. The wait for a table can be an hour or more, but fly-in customers get escorted in through the exit and seated immediately. The van will take you right back to the airport when you're done."  573-471-4261.  3/18

KSGF Springfield Branson National. 10/18  Midwest Premier 417-868-0590  Branson Jet Center.  417-334-8234

3DW Springfield Downtown. 6/18  -Springfield Flying Service 417-862-2418

KSTJ St. Joseph Rosecrans Memorial Airport.  Cafe on Field. The Diner at Rosecrans: 816-364-2242.  Roger says they have a car and "Big thing is that they have a SUPER diner literally under the tower.  Great prices and even greater food."  Express Flight.  11/17  816-233-3444

1H0 St. Louis Creve Coeur Airport.  Dan says they have a car there.  11/17.  314-878-6400

KSUS St. Louis, Spirit Airport
Aero Charter 6/18 
Million Air 636-532-0404

KSTL St Louis Lambert  Signature 314-895-8788

M03 Stockton Muni.  "Courtesy Transportation" 10/18  417-276-5210

KTRX Trenton Municipal Airport. Tom says: "there was an airport courtesy car available when I stopped there on the way to Airventure, use the sign in sheet provided." 7/18. 660-359-2013  

KRCM Warrensburg Skyhaven Airport  "Courtesy Transportation" 1/15  Missouri Aviation 660-543-4921

-KRAW Warsaw Muni. Call in advance.   10/18  660-438-5522 

KFYG Washington Regional. 636-433-5454 "Old police car. Just leave it full when done. Real gas hog by the way."  Hank adds in 1/2021: "car available while FBO is open.  Very nice airport manager.  Nice restaurants and pleasant waterfront park."

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​KHAE Hannibal Regional Airport.  Jeff reports a decent car there.  1/2024. 573-406-3728

KHIG Higginsville.  Roger and Susie gave an update with a car picture. 6/18  660-584-3339