KLPLK Branson. M Graham Clark Downtown Airport. Chris says: "Courtesy car available but it’s only a one mile walk to the nicest place in Branson for lunch, the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks."  12/19  417-332-1848

​KIRK Kirksville Regional.  660-665-5020.  11/17.
(Actually a "City of Kirksville" car.)

KLBO Lebanon Airport. 3/2021 HK sent the pictures in, they have 2 cars,  thanks!   417-532-7879

​Click on Newton Ad for Info on Free Tickets to Pima Air & Space Museum

-KLXT Lee's Summit Muni.  Mike says: Lee's Summit has 2 great Town Cars for pilot's.  Updated 1/18.  MOGAS  UL91  8/2020   816-969-1186

K89 Macon Fower Memorial Airport. Andy says there is a Jeep Grand Cherokee courtesy car. 10/15  660-385-6208
KMAW Malden Regional Airport. Mark says a mini-van is available at First Flight Aviation.  9/17  573-776-4406

KMHL Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport.  Robbie says a courtesy car is available.  1/18  660-886-3320

KEVU Maryville, Northwest Missouri Regional Airport.  11/17.  Chad says: "We encourage traffic to fly in and see our brand new runway and ramp plus nice terminal building. And we have two minivans available as courtesy cars."  660-562-8001  

03D Memphis Memorial Airport. Chad says: "has an old cop car sitting on the ramp ready to go. Unattended airport, and once I flew in and the battery for the car was dead but a nice guy from the airport board came out and jump-started it to get me going."  11/17  660-465-7285  

KMYJ Mexico Memorial.  MOGAS  UL 91  8/2020  573-581-0162

KMBY Moberly Omar N Bradley Airport. 5/2020
660-263-4420 or 660-269-8705.  Dennis writes: courtesy cars available and Moberly Motors and Ford Store rents cars and vans. Unicom 122.7 

KGPH Mosby Midwest National. 10/18  -QuickTurn Flight  816-407-3390

-KEOS Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport  Crew car is available. 10/18  417-451-8098

KNVD Nevada Muni.  -Aero B. "Courtesy transportation"  10/18 417-448-2752

KPCD Perryville.  Chris updates us: "Missouri/Perryville KPCD lost their MOGAS.  Two cars still available and nearby Al’s Diner is a HOOT!  Hank updated that instructions for the car use are posted on the door.  1/2021  573-547-2594
KPYN Piedmont Municipal Airport. Pierre says there is a car, 8/16. 

KUNO Pomona-West Plains Regional Airport. 2/18
417-257-7658 Jeff says two decent courtesy cars available. Both are former city vehicles, and one is a decommissioned cop car. Nothing like the feeling of rolling down the road in something Barney Fife might have driven! :)"

KPOF Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport
Andy says they have 3 cars available, the Dodge Charger looks nice but the wipers don't work, also when they were revamping the lighting the manager tracked me down to tell me the Notams showed the airport closed which I never would have bothered for a vfr flight so Mike saved me a call from the FAA, amazing service plus cheap gas!  4/18 

KDMO Sedalia Regional. 10/18  660-826-4128
KSIK Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport. Car now available and: Kelly writes: "Lambert's Restaurant, world-famous for home cooking and "throwed rolls" offers courtesy transportation to the restaurant from KSIK about 1 mile away. The wait for a table can be an hour or more, but fly-in customers get escorted in through the exit and seated immediately. The van will take you right back to the airport when you're done."  573-471-4261.  3/18

KSGF Springfield Branson National. 10/18  Midwest Premier 417-868-0590  Branson Jet Center.  417-334-8234

3DW Springfield Downtown. 6/18  -Springfield Flying Service 417-862-2418

KSTJ St. Joseph Rosecrans Memorial Airport.  Cafe on Field. The Diner at Rosecrans: 816-364-2242.  Roger says they have a car and "Big thing is that they have a SUPER diner literally under the tower.  Great prices and even greater food."  Express Flight.  11/17  816-233-3444

1H0 St. Louis Creve Coeur Airport.  Dan says they have a car there.  11/17.  314-878-6400

KSUS St. Louis, Spirit Airport
Aero Charter 6/18 
Million Air 636-532-0404

KSTL St Louis Lambert  Signature 314-895-8788

M03 Stockton Muni.  "Courtesy Transportation" 10/18  417-276-5210

KUUV Sullivan Municipal Airport. 7/16  573-468-2631

KTRX Trenton Municipal Airport. Tom says: "there was an airport courtesy car available when I stopped there on the way to Airventure, use the sign in sheet provided." 7/18. 660-359-2013  

KRCM Warrensburg Skyhaven Airport  "Courtesy Transportation" 1/15  Missouri Aviation 660-543-4921

-KRAW Warsaw Muni. Call in advance.   10/18  660-438-5522 

KFYG Washington Regional. 636-433-5454 "Old police car. Just leave it full when done. Real gas hog by the way."  Hank adds in 1/2021: "car available while FBO is open.  Very nice airport manager.  Nice restaurants and pleasant waterfront park."

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

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H88  Fredericktown  573-783-4040   Free, city owned courtesy car available. 1/2020.

KHIG Higginsville.  Roger and Susie gave an update with a car picture. 6/18  660-584-3339


KBBG Branson Airport  -Branson Jet  417-334-8234

-KFWB Branson West Municipal Airport - Emerson Field
3 hour limit.

-M08 Brookfield North Central Mo. Regional  660-258-7317

KOZS Camdenton Memorial   1/2021. Update by Hank: "They will only let you use the car with fuel purchase, otherwise they charge $20."   -Lake Aviation 573-346-0300

-KEZZ Cameron Memorial 1/18  816-284-3136

KCGI Cape Girardeau.
-"Cape Aviation,
573-335-6632 has a car they will loan out,

overnight if no one else needs it or you get it back early." 1/18

Cafe on field.  Sandy's Place.   573-334-0800

KCHT Chillicothe Municipal Airport. Call first for car. 8/15  

KGLY Clinton Regional 1/18 660-885-8889

KCOU Columbia Regional Airport
-Joel says a car available at Central Missouri Aviation.  5/16 Updated available 1/18. 

KDXE Dexter Municipal Airport573-624-4377  ​R. Kelly adds: has the Airways Cafe on field, Airway Cafe. 573-624-4377 ​ HK sent in the below picture 3/2021:

KJEF Jefferson City Memorial  -Car available at Jefferson City Flying Service.  7/17 573-636-5118  Keith says: "KJEF, has a new cafe open on the airport, “The Landing Zone”, open every day but Wednesday from 6 am - 2 pm."  9/2021

KJLN Joplin Regional. Troy reports a car in 2/15. Updated 1/18.
-Alpha Air 
-Mizzou Aviation also has courtesy cars for use.  

KMKC Kansas City Downtown

KTKX Kennett Memorial Airport.  Harry reports: "

They have (3) cars available for pilot use.
1. Ford Taurus
2. Cadillac
3. Chevy van.
The person to talk to is Airport Manager Sam Jewell
573-888-5846."  10/18

KAOV Ava.  Bill Martin Memorial Airport.  Tyrel says: "There is an old Crown vic available, great folks at the strip as well!"  4/19. 417-840-2301

M17 Bolivar Muni.
- S.O.A.R.,  1/18  

KVER  Boonville-Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport
They have 2 retired Crown Vics as courtesy cars, per Derrick.  3/15
Contact airport manager John Taylor at