-KANW Ainsworth Regional Airport. Spencer says they have self serve Jet A and 100LL and 2 cars 24/7.  11/16  402-387-1491

KBVN Albion Municipal Airport.  Eric says there are 2 cars available, call for location of keys.  402-395-2001  3/16

-KAIA Alliance Municipal.  Heartland Aviation.  Kris says: "I had a white medium SUV, overnight use is possible, I had called ahead to say I might be late, staff came by to provide key, very friendly."  5/19  308-762-5311

KAUH Aurora Municipal Airport - Al Potter Field.  Ryan says tie down straps are next to soda machine.  For security reasons, call ahead for key location if you will be arriving after hours.  9/16  402-694-3633

KBIE Beatrice Municipal Airport.  Beatrice has 2 cars available. 1/18  402-223-5349

-KBTA Blair Muni.  SkyWerx. 1/18 402-533-2247

-KBBW Broken Bow Municipal Airport/Keith Glaze Field.  James says 2 vans and 1 car for courtesy vehicles. Small donation for fuel and upkeep suggested.  11/16. Updated 1/18  308-872-2875


-KCDR  Chadron Municipal Airport. Doug says car is available at A & M Aviation. 308-432-8128  4/16. Updated 1/18

07K Central City Municipal Airport - Larry Reineke Field.  2/15  308-946-3450

KCEK Crete.  MOGAS  402-826-4402

KOLU Columbus Municipal Airport
A user writes they have a van for a very reasonable rate at Avcraft, Inc.  7/15


KFBY Fairbury Municipal Airport.  James says a car is available.  Contact the spay pilot/instructor (402-430-6826 cell) that lives in an apartment located on the field for the keys.   11/16.  

​KFMZ Fairmont State Airfield.  James says they have a retired police cruiser donated by the local Elks club.  Available 24/7  11/16.  402-268-4521

​KFNB Falls City Brenner Field Airport.  James says they have an worn out old police cruiser.  Call ahead for key location for security reasons . 5/17  402-245-3715

KGRN Gordon Municipal 308-282-0837

-KGRI Grand Island Trego/Dugan Aviation of Grand Island.  Tom says: "Flew into Grand island today and they have 2 courtesy car's. The one I used was 2015 Soul which was very nice and had from 11 until 1:30 to go into town for nice lunch and little bit of site seeing."  6/19   308-382-5788

Cafe on field.  Afternooner's.  308-381-2986

-KGGF Grant Municipal Airport  Debra says they have a white Crown Vic that runs fine at Hill Aviation. 2/15  308-280-2000

0B4 Hartington Municipal Airport / Bud Becker Field, per Roger.  2/15
Becker Flying Service.  

​KHSI Hastings Municipal Airport. Dale says they have a courtesy car, an older minivan. Keys are in a lock box.  5/18. 402-461-3060

KHJH Hebron Municipal Airport.  James says: " It's an older Cadillac, the keys are in a lock box in the terminal, but you have to call the sheriffs office (402-768-6139) to get the code to the box, so they can collect your information for insurance reasons.  A side note is the terminal building has auto locking doors and they don't have coded door locks like a lot of terminals do.  They lock around 8 pm every night.You have to call a board member or sheriffs office to get in after hours.  2/17 

-​KHDE Holdrege Brewster Field Airport.  James says there are now 2 vehicles available.  Airport is attended, never been there weekends or after hours.  I always get the keys from the manager.  2/17. Updated 1/18  308-995-8446

KIML Imperial Municipal Airport  Contact manager.  2/15 308-883-1593

-KEAR Kearney Regional.  Big Air Kearney. 1/18 308-233-5800

-KIBM Kimball Muni-Arraj Field. Courtesy Transportation.  1/18 308-230-0615

-KLXN Lexington-Jim Kelly Field Airport FBO has a mini-van. 9/16 308-324-8770

-KLNK Lincoln Airport.  1/18
Two new Toyota Corollas available at Duncan Aviation, per Craig.

Cars also available at Silverhawk Aviation 


-KMCK Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airport  Red Willow Aviation 1/18


-KAFK Nebraska City Muni  Infinity Aviation. 1/18 402-873-6646

4V9 Neligh-Antelope County Airport. Call ahead for access to car, per James.  11/16   402-887-4326

-KOFK Norfolk Regional Stefan Memorial Field  Norfolk Airport Services ​​402-379-7810   1/18   Cafe on field.  Jon says there is cafe back on the field, Barnstormers Family Bar & Grill.  402-316-4099

-KLBF North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field.  James says they have a couple vehicles at the FBO owned by Trego-Dugan.  They are picky about them unless you buy fuel from them, but they have a couple new vehicles and an 1984 Mercedes with 200,000 miles on it. If you don't need fuel you'll get the Mercedes.  11/16  308-532-5864  Cafe on field.  (in terminal.)

KOGA Ogallala-Searle Field Airport
Betsy writes "has hangar space, courtesy car AND Mike, the A&P was amazing!"  8/15


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KOMA Omaha  Tac Air 402-422-6633

-KMLE Omaha-Millard Airport  Oracle Aviation. 1/18 402-895-4974

KONL O'Neill Municipal 402-336-3377
Actually has 5 courtesy cars available 24/7 whether 
anyone is there or not....it's great! Car available updated 1/18.

​0C4 Pender Municipal Airport.  Brett and Heather say Pender "has a car, but make sure to call ahead as they don't have
someone there all the time. 
816-210-2081.  I found out the hard way."  3/19

KPMV Plattsmouth Municipal Airport. 10/15 402-298-8468

7V7 Red Cloud Municipal Airport. Geoff reports a car.  8/16.  


9V5  Rushville - Modisett Airport.  Doug says they have a car, call for key location. 308-327-2221  4/16

-KSWT Seward Municipal Airport.  Mat says they have a Pontiac Minivan, for security reasons, call ahead for key location.  5/17.   Whisler Aviation.  402-643-2226

KSNY Sidney Muni.- Lloyd Carr Field  -L & L Aviation 308-254-5058

​12K Superior Municipal Airport. James says they have a decent Astro-Van available 24/7.  11/16  402-879-3006

KVTN Valentine-Miller Field  Eric and Matt says two Crown Vics available at Sandhills Aero. 2/16  402-376-1611  

KLCG Wayne Municipal. 3/19. Two cars updated by Brett and Heather.  402-375-1984

KAHQ Wahoo Municipal Airport.  Nick says Wahoo has an old white Ford 4 dr. LTD for use.  7/15  402-443-3222

KJYR York Muni. 8/15 402-363-2660

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