KVTN Valentine-Miller Field  Eric and Matt says two Crown Vics available at Sandhills Aero. 2/16  402-376-1611  

KLCG Wayne Municipal. 3/19. Two cars updated by Brett and Heather.  

KAHQ Wahoo Municipal Airport.  Nick says Wahoo has an old white Ford 4 dr. LTD for use.  7/15  

KJYR York Muni. 8/15 

​If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

 ​Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on A.C.C's!

KAIA Alliance Municipal.  Heartland Aviation.  Kris says: "I had a white medium SUV, overnight use is possible, I had called ahead to say I might be late, staff came by to provide key, very friendly."  2/2020  308-762-5311
KAUH Aurora Municipal Airport - Al Potter Field.  Ryan says tie down straps are next to soda machine.  For security reasons, call ahead for key location if you will be arriving after hours.  9/16  402-694-3633

KBIE Beatrice Municipal Airport.  Beatrice has 2 cars available. 2/2020  402-223-5349

KBTA Blair Muni.  SkyWerx. 2/2020 402-533-2247
KBBW Broken Bow Municipal Airport/Keith Glaze Field.  James says 2 vans and 1 car for courtesy vehicles. Small donation for fuel and upkeep suggested.  11/16. Updated 2/2020  308-872-2875

KCDR  Chadron Municipal Airport. Doug says car is available at A & M Aviation. 308-432-8128  4/16. Updated 1/18

07K Central City Municipal Airport - Larry Reineke Field.  2/15  308-946-3450

KCEK Crete.  MOGAS  UL 87  8/2020  402-826-4402

KOLU Columbus Municipal Airport
A user writes they have a van for a very reasonable rate at Avcraft, Inc.  7/15 

KFBY Fairbury Municipal Airport.  James says a car is available.  Contact the spay pilot/instructor (402-430-6826 cell) that lives in an apartment located on the field for the keys.   11/16.  

​KFMZ Fairmont State Airfield.  James says they have a retired police cruiser donated by the local Elks club.  Available 24/7  10/2020.  402-268-4521

KFNB Falls City Brenner Field Airport.  James says they have an worn out old police cruiser. Matt sent in the below picture.   Call ahead for key location for security reasons . 2/2020  402-245-3715

KOMA Omaha.  Brad says: "Tac Air has several cars and ours was a brand new Nissan Ultima or something like that. No fee for the car but had to sign our life away. Of all the deltas and charlies this was the most expensive landing fees and fuel prices (was 2019)." 402-422-6633

-KMLE Omaha-Millard Airport  Oracle Aviation. 1/18 402-895-4974

KONL O'Neill Municipal 402-336-3377
Actually has 5 courtesy cars available 24/7 whether 
anyone is there or not....it's great! Car available updated 1/18.

​0C4 Pender Municipal Airport.  Brett and Heather say Pender "has a car, but make sure to call ahead as they don't have
someone there all the time. 
816-210-2081.  I found out the hard way."  3/19

KPMV Plattsmouth Municipal Airport. 10/15 402-298-8468

7V7 Red Cloud Municipal Airport. Geoff reports a car.  8/16.  


9V5  Rushville - Modisett Airport.  Doug says they have a car, call for key location. 308-327-2221  4/16

-KSWT Seward Municipal Airport.  Mat says they have a Pontiac Minivan, for security reasons, call ahead for key location.  5/17.   Whisler Aviation.  402-643-2226

KSNY Sidney Muni.- Lloyd Carr Field  -L & L Aviation 308-254-5058

​12K Superior Municipal Airport. James says they have a decent Astro-Van available 24/7.  10/2020  402-879-3006

0B4 Hartington Municipal Airport / Bud Becker Field, per Roger.  2/15
Becker Flying Service.  

​KHSI Hastings Municipal Airport. Dale says they have a courtesy car, an older minivan. Keys are in a lock box.  5/18. 402-461-3060

KHJH Hebron Municipal Airport.  James says: " It's an older Cadillac, the keys are in a lock box in the terminal, but you have to call the sheriffs office (402-768-6139) to get the code to the box, so they can collect your information for insurance reasons.  A side note is the terminal building has auto locking doors and they don't have coded door locks like a lot of terminals do.  They lock around 8 pm every night.You have to call a board member or sheriffs office to get in after hours.  2/17 

-​KHDE Holdrege Brewster Field Airport.  James says there are now 2 vehicles available.  Airport is attended, never been there weekends or after hours.  I always get the keys from the manager.  2/17. Updated 1/18  308-995-8446

KIML Imperial Municipal Airport  Contact manager.  2/15 308-883-1593

-KEAR Kearney Regional.  Big Air Kearney. 1/18 308-233-5800

-KIBM Kimball Muni-Arraj Field. Courtesy Transportation.  1/18 308-230-0615

-KLXN Lexington-Jim Kelly Field Airport FBO has a mini-van. 9/16 308-324-8770

-KLNK Lincoln Airport.  1/18
Two new Toyota Corollas available at Duncan Aviation, per Craig.

Cars also available at Silverhawk Aviation 


-KMCK Mc Cook Ben Nelson Regional Airport  J&S Aviation 11/2020

308-345-2886  BJ sent these pictures in with the comment:  "I drove the 85 grey crown vic. It started right up every time and drove good. The fuel gauge is broken and always reads empty."   

-KAFK Nebraska City Muni  Infinity Aviation. 11/2020  402-873-6646

4V9 Neligh-Antelope County Airport. Call ahead for access to car, per James.  11/16   402-887-4326

KOFK Norfolk Regional Stefan Memorial Field.  Norfolk Airport Services. ​​402-379-7810   1/2023   

-KLBF North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field.  James says they have a couple vehicles at the FBO owned by Trego-Dugan.  They are picky about them unless you buy fuel from them, but they have a couple new vehicles and an 1984 Mercedes with 200,000 miles on it. If you don't need fuel you'll get the Mercedes.  6/18  308-532-5864  Cafe on field.  (in terminal.)

KOGA Ogallala-Searle Field Airport
Betsy writes "has hangar space, courtesy car AND Mike, the A&P was amazing!"  Matthew updated the vehicle availability on 9/2021.  

KANW Ainsworth Regional Airport. Spencer says they have self serve Jet A and 100LL and 2 cars 24/7.  11/16  402-387-1491
KBVN Albion Municipal Airport.  Eric says there are 2 cars available, call for location of keys.  402-395-2001  BJ sent the picture in, they also have another white Crown Vic.  Said it ran good.  10/2020

​KGRN Gordon Municipal 308-282-0837

KGRI Grand Island Trego/Dugan Aviation of Grand Island.  Paul updates is 12/2022 with this: "FBO has no ramp fee, but courtesy car is $25 or fill your tanks with 100LL."  308-382-5788
Cafe on field.  Afternooner's.  308-381-2986

KGGF Grant Municipal Airport.  Robert sent in this picture.  Hill Aviation. 6/2020  308-280-2000

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KFET Fremont Municipal Airport.  Brian says they have an Astro van: "Runs well, and even has working AC! We got the keys from the line guy."  9/2020.  402-721-4520