2C8 Cavalier Municipal. Shari says "One old Buick sedan. Perfect for gravel roads."  3/18  701-265-3186

KDVL Devils Lake Regional  -DL Aviation.  3/18  701-739-2618

​Devils Lake Aero.  3/18  701-351-5382

KFAR Fargo-Hector International  -Fargo Jet.  3/18  701-235-3600

-D54 West Fargo Municipal Airport.  "Wannfly" says he has used a car here.  5/18. 701-371-2655

D05-Garrison Municipal Airport.  Minivan is available. 1/15 701-337-2303

KGFK Grand Forks  ---AvFlight FBO 701-772-5504   9/16

KGWR Gwinner-Melroe  701-724-3068.

Courtesy car, really cheap gas, very small towns w/ O.K. hotel. 

​5H4Harvey Municipal Airport. Chris says a car is available, for security, call for key location. 8/16 701-324-2000

​KJMS Jamestown Regional Airport.  Chris says to sign out the car at the airport FBO. First Class Aviation.  9/16.   701-952-1515

Y19 Mandan Municipal  701-663-0669

-Or Clear Skies Aviation. 3/18  701-663-5386

​KRUG Rugby Municipal Airport. Chris says a car is available.  9/16.  


08D Stanley Municipal Airport. A user writes: courtesy van. Call ahead for key location. Use CTAF for entry. 2/15  MOGAS  701-629-0087

KISN Williston-Sloulin Field.  Landmark.  701-774-2300  On AOPA's list of 10 Airport Access Watch List.  4/18

6L5 Wishek Municipal Airport
Courtesy car, four door Towncar, kept inside a garage connected to the terminal. Keypad to get in is local CTAF. Contact the airport manager for more info. 
701-866-0500 or 701-452-2314

KBAC Valley City-Barnes Co.  "Courtesy Transportation" 3/18 701-840-5903

S25 Watford City Municipal Airport  Chris says they have a navy blue Crown Vic courtesy car.  Updated with manager, 2 cars.  3/18  701-570-2646

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North Dakota

KBIS Bismark Muni.
-Bismarck Aero Center has three cars for free use during the day. Overnight fee is $35. I recommend calling ahead to make sure one gets held for you in case it gets busy. 
701-223-4754.  24/7 operation.  3/18

- Executive Air. Jesse reports 3 vehicles. 1 pickup, 1 van, 1 car. 
 3/20  701-258-5024