​Y23 Chetek Municipal/Southworth Airport.  715-924-4236 Rob sent the picture and note: "Chrysler Town and Country and it is the quintessential crew van complete with ice cold a/c."  7/2023​​

​​KGHW Glenwood (MN) Municipal Airport.  Bryce sent in the photo.  08/2023.  Key location blocked for security, call ahead for details.  320-634-5433

KDET Detroit. Coleman A Young Municipal Airport.  Avflight.  313-527-6620  ​2/2024

KHAE Hannibal (MO) Regional Airport.  Jeff reports a decent car there.  1/2024. 573-406-3728

KAOH. Lima (OH) Allen County Airport.  ​Tim says: "they have 2 newish minivans for pilots to use for a few hours for free, or rented out if longer than a few hours.  I was there yesterday and I used one for about 30 minutes to run an errand.  Very friendly staff too, and cheap fuel."  1/2024.  419-227-3225

1V6 Fremont County Airport (CO), Canon City.  Mike says: "Advance notice is appreciated."  4/2023.  719-784-3816

KCQM Cook (MN) Municipal Airport.  Fred says a car isn available 4/2023. 218-666-9931  Instructions posted in the FBO.

​​KSRC Searcy (AR) Municipal Airport.  Hank says: "They have a beautiful FBO and everyone is very nice and helpful.  To keep it overnight, they charge $40.  Lots of restaurants and hotels nearby. 09/2023  501-203-5173

2H0 Shelbyville (IL) County Airport.  Jim says: "They have a Dodge Caravan I've borrowed a few times. The manager runs the maintenance shop on the field, and is fantastic. They always have decently priced fuel, and he will usually come out to help you fill up and chat. 11/2023.  217-774-5111

​3AU Augusta Municipal Airport.  Dallas says: "Mogas, 100LL, and Jet-A as well as a courtesy car." 9/2023. 316-733-1326

KOSU Ohio State University.  Manager Kurt says they have 2 courtesy cars.  Triple J Aviation  614-292-5580 12/2023

0M4 Camden (TN). Benton County Airport.  Hank says: "Jimmy Troutt is the airport manager and is very helpful and friendly." 3/2023    731-584-5343

KOMK  Omak (WA) Airport.  David says: "Omak offers a very nice Mercury Grand Marquis.  The lockbox is in the terminal building.  Just enter the transponder squawk code for hijacking and the car is yours.  3/2023.  509-826-1170

KBAX Bad Axe. (MI)  Huron County Memorial Airport.  Robert reports a car in 2/2023.  989-269-6511

KOXV Knoxville (IA) Municipal Airport.  Curtis says: " Car is a Ford Crown Victoria. Contact is Dan at 641-842-4423.  2/2023

P04 Bisbee (AZ)  Municipal Airport.  Steve says: "Call Eric or Cheryl Swisher at Copper City Aviation, 520-266-0515 or use the CTAF to enter the rest room area and a safe with car keys.  2/2023

P29 Tombstone (AZ).  Roy is expanding to Tombstone and will soon have a courtesy car.  Call Roy at the above number for service and please support this man who supports the little people like us.  2/2022

K83 Sabetha (KS) Municipal Airport.  Alan reports they have a "Buick Lucerne that is a bit seasoned but still in very nice condition."  785-284-2158  2/2023

KFEP Freeport  (IL).  John sent in the picture in 12/2022.  815-232-1078

KUCY Union City. Everett-Stewart Regional Airport.  Brad says: "They have 3 courtesy vehicles - 2 vans and a (TN) Ford Taurus.   We took the Taurus and went to the Discovery Park of America a short drive from the airport.   Airport staff were accommodating with nice facilities."  12/2022.   

KMJR Mineral Point (WI).  Iowa County Airport.  John says: "they have a retired police cruiser available 24/7 via entry into the FBO building.  Just sign out car on the clipboard.  This is according to the attendent on 10-16-2022."  608-987-9931

KHUL Houlton (ME) International Airport.  A unnamed user reports a courtesy car and self serve avgas.  11/2022.  207-538-7997

KLVM Livingston (MT).  Mission Field Airport.  Liz says: "406-222-6504
Dodge Durango – 24hr use, free to use, must stay within Park County
There is also a Ford 150 and Ford F250 for rent, rate varies depending on time of use/distance."

KFLX Fallon (NV) Municipal Airport.  Ernie reports 2 courtesy Cars.  9/2022.  775-423-3756.

6S8  Laurel (MT) Municipal Airport. Elliot from Laurel 406 Aero says they have 2 cars available.  9/2022.  406-696-8118

KMWA Marion (IL). Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois.  Hank says: "The car is a nice Ford Edge.  FBO is Midwest Aviation with very friendly and helpful staff, great facilities and lots of hotels and restaurants nearby."   9/2022  618-993-2764

KSPA Spartanburg (SC) Downtown Memorial.  Cafe on field. Rob says: "Restaurant in the FBO Also quite a few choices within a short drive."  9/2022  864-574-8552

00U Hardin. Big Horn County Airport.  Nathan reports 2 cars 08/2022  406-679-0541

Y63 Elbow Lake Municipal/Pride of the Prairie Airport (MN).  Jerry says: "The official car appeared to be out of service temporarily. So I was provided the use of a nicer Dodge mini-van. Make sure you call the FBO Prairie Air for details… " 218-685-6594  ​06/2022

W13 Waynesboro (VA).  Eagle's Nest Airport.  DR reports a car there.  6/2022. 540-943-4447

KPDC Prairie du Chien (WI) Municipal Airport. Michael says: "they have a nice courtesy car with the keys hanging inside the FBO next to the counter. Available after hours."  6/2022.  608-326-2118

KUKF North Wilkesboro (NC). Wilkes County Airport.  Rob says: "KUKF Has  a courtesy car restaurants with a short drive."  05/2022 336-696-2000

KESC Escanaba (MI), Delta County Airport.  Jerry says: "They have a pretty nice Toyota Camry for a courtesy car. Phone number for can be found inside the GA portion of the terminal. 906-786-4902. If no one answers (especially after hours/weekends), you can call the super friendly airport maintenance number at 906-420-1591.  6/2022

KBVO Bartlesville Municipal Airport.  Lieven says: "FBO has 4 crew cars available: 2 Ford Explorers (2011 & 2013) 2 Ford Taurus (2007) 1 Ford FreeStar Van (2004) Please call ahead for reservations.
Mainly for use in town but we got their permission to take the mini-van to Pawhuska for a quick trip. Great airport with a new crew lounge and friendly service."  
918-661-3121  7/2021

KLIC Limon (CO) Municipal Airport.  Kreg reports a car with the following rules. (See Listing) 2/2022.  719-775-2346​  

2J9 Quincy (FL) Municipal Airport. Robbie says: "we have a crew car available, a/p is attended 8-4 lcl, M-F and FBO is accessible 24/7, brand new resurfaced runway with new LED lighting.  2/2022.  850-627-2112

9S9 Lexington (OR) Airport.  David reports a Ford Explorer.  11/2021.  541-989-9500

KRSN Ruston Regional Airport.   John says: "A Mercury Grand Marquis is available at KRSN, Ruston, LA. 2 hour limit, have to fill out a form.  2/2022. 318-251-9098

KSUN Hailey. (ID) Friedman Memorial Airport.  Atlantic. 208-788-9511. Pilot reports: "New unpublished overnight fee of $25 at KSUN (Atlantic Aviation) for singles."  12/2021

KLRJ Le Mars (IA) Municipal Airport.  Ryan reports: "Stopped in Le Mars IA LRJ yesterday and they have a courtesy car. Home of Wells Blue bunny ice cream. Thanks for the website." 12/2021  Phone 712-540-1665

​KHHW Hugo (OK). Stan Stamper Municipal Airport.  Rod reports a car 12/2021.  580-326-2335 

S69. Lincoln (MT) Airport.  This from management: " Lincoln Airport Foundation (LAF)  1998 Dodge Grand Caravan SE Minivan
Airport is unattended. Courtesy Car Cabinet is in the bike shed. 
Drivers must sign a certification that they have personal motor vehicle insurance as required by MCA 61-6-301 that covers their use of this car." 11/2021  

KIAG Niagara Falls International Airport.  Andrew reports a Toyota Highlander is available.  Calspan Air.  716-298-9307  11/2021. 

12V Milton. Ona Airpark.  Todd says: "If you email Lynn (lynnz@onaairpark.com) in advance to tell her you are coming, she may even have some cookies waiting for you."  954-881-4271  10/2021

​H96 Benton (IL) Municipal Airport. Robin reports: "They have a new FBO building with lounge, kitchenette and bathrooms.  Code to get in door."  9/2021  815-529-1207

0D8 Gettysburg (SD) Municipal Airport.  Brett says: "Gettysburg has a former police car for a courtesy car. Pretty good car.  Call the city office for the key location. 9/2021. 605-765-2733  or 605-769-2814

KSXL Summersville (WV) Airport.  Jim writes: "We flew to KSXL and used the courtesy car (there are 2) to explore the New River Gorge and WV mountains.  It's a quiet, friendly airport.  We'll be back in the Spring to see the flowers! 10/2021. 304-881-1600

KGEG Spokane International Airport. David writes: "Signature Flight Support, 509-455-5204, offers the use of this late model
Nissan Altima for up to three hours, on a first come first serve basis.
Please call ahead for the landing and ramp fees, and fuel purchase

KALW Walla Walla Regional Airport.  David says: "Gorge Aviation Services, 509-525-9851, offers a Chevy HHR on a first come
first serve basis.  It needs to be returned before the FBO closes for the
day (currently 6 pm).  Please call ahead for the landing and ramp fees
and/or fuel purchase requirements.  08/2021

​S20 Goldendale (WA) Airport. David writes: "The 90’s vintage white Chevy Lumina with the city logo on the doors is the airport courtesy car.  The keys can be found in a lock box on the door to the building just west of the car.  CTAF is the code to the lock box." 7/2021  509- 261-9442  FOR EMERGENCIES CALL POLICE CHIEF, 509-261-9402.

KMZZ Marion (IN) Municipal Airport - McKinney Field. Todd reports this car.  6/2021.  765-674-7777

KPMU Batesville (MS). Panola County Airport.  Hank reports a car there.  6/2021  662-570-0502

W10 Langley (WA), Whidbey Air Park.  Noshur says: "90's Ford Taurus located West of the field."  For security, call ahead for key location.   360-321-0510  Cafe on field. Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.  Bruce says: "I've enjoyed Coffee and a meal there about 5 times now. Great experience every time. Walk up a short path on the west side of runway to get there. Open 8am-4pm Tues - Sat."  6/2021

6S5 Hamilton (MT). Ravalli County Airport.  Ford Explorer at Choice Aviation. 8/2021.  406-363-6471

KISW. Wisconsin Rapids.  Alexander Field South Wood County Airport.  Airport manager Jeremy says: "We have two vehicles, a retired Crown Vic cruiser and a Ram pickup.  Both are available as courtesy cars when not being used for other duties.  Keys are usually in the ignition switch and vehicles are usually parked on the airside of the perimeter fence."  7/2021  715-741-2114

Y49 Walker Municipal Airport.  Grant says: " Very nice building with restroom, lounge area, snacks, etc.  Courtesy car is first come, first serve.  Keys are in a lockbox in the FBO building which can be accessed 24 hours. 218-547-1616  7/2021

KLWS Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport.   Rob reports: "Hillcrest Aircraft FBO has a SUPER nice Honda mini-van.  Amazing staff!  Car used in March 2021. 208-746-8271  (Other FBO also lists a car).

KERI Erie International Airport/Tom Ridge Field.  Todd reports a car there.   6/2021.  814-836-9220

KULM New Ulm Municipal Airport. Tim reports they have 2 courtesy cars.  6/2021.  507-354-8127

​Alpine WY no longer has a car.  7/2021

3JC Junction City. Freeman Field Airport. Ken reports a courtesy car there for the first time.  7/2021.   785-761-7692

0B1 Bethel Regional Airport." Courtesy Transportation" and bicycles, per Kristian.  6/2021.  207-512-5552

KDNV Danville, Vermilion Regional Airport.  Jim says: "Midwest Aero has two courtesy cars available; a Toyota Avalon and a Chrysler Town & Country."  5/2021  217-431-1998

KFWC Fairfield Municipal Airport.  Jim says: "Bill helped me fill up with reasonably priced gas, and gave me the keys to their Ford Expedition. There's several excellent restaurants in town, which is only a mile or two."  5/2021  618-842-9587

KMKY Marco Island Executive Airport.  Gabriel reports a car there, 4/2021.  239-394-3355

KFOM Fillmore Municipal Airport. Russ reports in 12/20: "435-743-6150
call for car sign out and access - airport manager lives on site. 1 car." 

U52 Beaver Municipal Airport.  Russ reports in 12/2020: "435-438-2451
call for key lockbox number and airport gate code during normal business hours (local city office).  1 car."

M70  Pocahontas (AR) Municipal Airport.  Hank says: "They have 2 courtesy cars, a sedan and a minivan.  They have a brand new terminal building with wonderful pilot facilities (sleeping room, spacious lounge, kitchen area, shower, bathrooms, vending etc) which area accessible 24/7.  The courtesy cars are also accessible 24/7.  They have a barbeque stand next door as well as a large convenience store/gas station.  Very nice place!"  870-248-1141 1/2021

KFKR. Frankfort (IN) Municipal Airport.  Kaitlyn reports: "I have an update of a new courtesy car at my local airport. The airport just got a 2011 Jeep Compass. I will attach a picture below.  Blue Sky's. 01/2021. 765-654-6275

KEAN Wheatland (WY), Phifer Airfield.  Airport board member Dallas says: "Blue Dodge Charger courtesy car available for local use.  Instructions in binder in pilot lounge."   307-322-2962  1/2021

KBVI Beaver Falls, Beaver County (PA) Airport.  Duane reports: "Airquest Aviation has a courtesy car at KBVI  724-504-4695  Their service fee is for Jet aircraft only. 12/2020  Additional number from AirNav.  724-624-8100

KMFD Mansfield (OH) Lahm Regional Airport. News story says they have cars.  Richland Aviation.  419-524-4261  12/2020

KPVD Providence (RI). Theodore Francis Green State Airport.  LYNX.   News story says they have courtesy cars.  12/2020  401-738-2600

2W6 Leonardtown MD. St Mary's County Regional Airport.  Jim says: "2W6 now has a courtesy car, provided by Piedmont Flight Center.  The car is a Buick Lucerne and is available for free checkout from the Piedmont front desk.  Piedmont Flight Center is co-located with the FBO (Airtec) in the blue hangar near the fuel pump.  Need to fill out some paperwork and provide copy of driver’s license to get the keys.  Common sense rules apply, e.g. put some gas in it to offset the expenses, keep it clean, etc.  There are plenty of restaurants, stores, and attractions within a short drive of the airport, including the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum.  12/2020  301-373-2101

N40 Pittstown (NJ). Sky Manor Airport. 908-996-4200 Tom adds: "We have a great restaurant on our airfield. The Sky Cafe 908-996-3442
Open every day except Tuesdays for breakfast and lunch.  12/2020

KOUN Norman. University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport.  Ryan reports in 11/2020: "1 Late model Ford Focus available with no fee."  405-360-3900

L52 Oceano County (CA) Airport. Mike says: "Oceano, even though unattended, had a courtesy car (key location hidden for security purposes, call first for key location. Updated 11/2020  805-788-2000

8D4 Sparta (MI). Paul C Miller-Sparta Airport.  Herb says two cars are available.  MOGAS also.  11/2020.  616-887-5744

3B1 Greenville (ME) Municipal Airport.  News story reports they have a car.  11/2020   207-299-8220

41U Manti-Ephraim (UT) Airport. Ted says: " Go inside the pilot/passenger lounge, and there is a little lockbox. Call the number, and you can get the combo for the box."  11/2020.  435-283-4631

I76 Peru (IN) Municipal Airport.  Manager says: "I am the Airport Manager. We do have a courtesy car available and they can call us at 765-472-1990. My name is Kelly Wolf and I can be reached at +1 260-416-2381.  11/2020

3S8 Grants Pass (OR) Airport.  Matt says they have a courtesy car at the FBO.  11/2020.  Pacific Aviation Northwest.  541-479-2230

M95  Fayette (AL). Richard Arthur Field Airport.  Manager Kip says: " We have one courtesy car at Richard Arthur Field.  It is a 1999 Black Ford Explorer. It can be accessed any time using information available at the Airport.  11/2020.  205-932-3819

KBTR Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, Ryan Field. A user reports: "BTR Jet has a couple of cars.  225-355-9052.   Signature does too."  11/2020

KBCB. Blacksburg.  Virginia Tech/Montgomery Executive Airport.  Ross writes: "Ford Excursion – First come, first serve."  11/2020  540-231-4444​​

KSEZ Sedona  (AZ).  Austin says: " Redrock Aviation offers a couple of “pilot cars” for five dollars an hour. They allow reservations if they have cars available, and they have free bikes in the lobby. The FBO also has no fuel minimums.  928-282-1046  10/2020

​KBVN Albion (NE)  Municipal Airport.  Eric says there are 2 cars available, call for location of keys.  402-395-2001  BJ sent the picture in, they also have another white Crown Vic.  Said it ran good.  10/2020

KEKY  Bessemer (AL) Airport.  205-428-9292  Airport director Tim says: "EKY has two crew cars - a 2006 Jeep Liberty and 2000 Ford Taurus.  Also, EKY hosts The Hangar Bar & Grill - open for lunch & dinner most days - ready for those looking for a $100 hamburger."  205-434-2121   -   https://www.thehangarbarandgrill.com

KFET Fremont Municipal Airport.  Brian says they have an Astro van: "Runs well, and even has working AC! We got the keys from the line guy."  9/2020.  402-721-4520

1H2 Effingham County Memorial Airport. Mark says in 9/2020: "they have two airport courtesy cars there, both Crown Victorias. Just wanted to let you know!"  217-536-5312

C37 Brodhead Airport.  9/2020. Honda Odyssey minivan.  Call Pat Weeden with questions at 608-576-6645 or airportmanager@hawk-aire.com

7G8 Middlefield (OH). Geauga County Airport.  Tim says they have a car, Call him at 440 897 4311.  9/2020

21D  St. Paul, Lake Elmo Airport.  Sam says: "they have an older Honda Civic in great shape. I called the FBO (Lake Elmo Aero) and made a reservation."  8/2020.  651-777-1399

8M1 Booneville/Baldwyn (MS) Airport. Alan says they have a white Ford Explorer available.  8/2020.  662-365-8811

​KZZV Zanesville (OH) has added a car and picture.  6/2020

KGTG Grantsburg (WI) Municipal Airport.   Rod says: "The car is available to pilots via lock box with code. Text Rod Kleiss for code 715 220 5215."  06/2020.

KMKL Jackson (TN). Mc Kellar-Sipes Regional Airport.  5/20  731-427-0191

KEHR Henderson City-County )KY)  Airport. Don Davis Aviation. 6/20 per FBO site.   270-826-6000

1D6 Hector (MN) Municipal Airport. Brett says a car is available and "call the manager Edgar for the key 320-848-2745."

-K59 Atchison. Amelia Earhart Airport.  Matt says: "They have a beautiful new FBO building which is home to Muriel - a 1935 Lockheed Electra L-10E.  This is one of the last of the same model Earhart flew on her final flight."  5/20   913-426-5757

KSSI St Simons Island, Georgia. 

A20 Bullhead City/Ft. Mohave, Sun Valley Airport.  They have two cars, one pictured below.  Call Jim at 928-768-3176. Also great review on AirNav.  2/2020

KFAM Farmington, MO.  Removed.  1/2020.

KPLK Branson. M Graham Clark Downtown Airport. Chris says: "Courtesy car available but it’s only a one mile walk to the nicest place in Branson for lunch, the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks."  12/19  417-332-1848

80F Antlers (OK) Municipal Airport.  "Pilot NCS" says: "they recently added a courtesy car.  The key is in a lock box in the airport building.  There is an Olympic quality ping-pong table to pass the time if you are waiting out the weather.  12/19 580-298-5635

KMTO Mattoon/Charleston. Coles County Memorial Airport. Mercedes crew car.  217-239-8877  Cafe on field.  11/19  Thanks Jim for the tip.

KVNW Van Wert County (OH) Airport.  Manager Steve Bailey says: " We have a 2013 white Dodge Charger and an old van that pilots can use when landing at our airport."  11/19  419-203-1351

KZZV Zanesville Municipal Airport. Kurt says "they have two newer Honda civics.  It has a very nice FBO too.  10/19

KRNV  Cleveland Municipal Airport (MS).  Charlie says: " Cleveland MS KRNV has a blue Buick (with working a/c!!); 1st come, 1st served. Vibrant down-town area, and the Airport Grocery (moved, now 7 minutes from the airport) has great food, if you're not in a hurry.  9/19  662-846-0228

KSQI Sterling/Rockfalls. (IL) Whiteside County Airport-Jos H Bittorf Field.
Ryan says they have a car and adds: "It is an older Isuzu Trooper with the "service trans" light illuminated, but the lady at the FBO cheerfully tossed us the keys without checking ID's or anything and recommended a local restaurant for dinner...Candlelight Inn just up the street with excellent food.  We were told to "leave the keys in it" when we were done with the car.  Car ran good and had cold air!  9/19  

KCBG Cambridge (MN) Municipal Airport.  Rob says: "Chevy Malibu on site, key box in terminal. Airport courtesy car sign on side of car."  8/19. 763-689-1800

KMQS Coatesville (PA) - Chester County G O Carlson Airport.  Signature has a car, BUT, a pilot reports this:  "Single engine piston owner here who used to fly in for breakfast at the Flying Machine Cafe periodically.  The restaurant closed a couple years ago.  I saw the Lincoln Diner is very close to the airport and called today about a courtesy car, planning to fly in and go to the diner.  Thankful I did because I was informed there are handling and landing fees that total $39 for a single engine piston aircraft.  I won't be going, tomorrow or ever."  7/19

KDUA Durant (OK) Regional Airport - Eaker Field.  BC from the AOPA forum says they have a city van, just replace the fuel.  7/19.  580-920-0574

KAVK Alva (OK)  Regional Airport. BC from the AOPA forum says they have a car.  7/19.  580-327-2898

KRIW Riverton Regional Airport.  Met a pilot at a fly in that told me they had just used the car on the way.  7/19  307-856-3599

KUAO Aurora State Airport.  David says: "I just found your site.  Way cool.
They have offered me a "crew" car a couple of times.  The FBO is Lynx 
503-678-1336.  Friendly people and a great ride for the Portland, OR area.  6/19

5M3. Moultonboro Airport.  Barbara says there are 3 cars available.  6/19  603-986-7338

KPYX Perryton Ochiltree County (TX) Airport. Kris says: "They have one nice cruiser as courtesy car. Description of how to get the keys is in the pilot lounge. Car can be used over night, if local hotels are used."  5/19  806-435-4226

KAOV. Ava (MO).  Bill Martin Memorial Airport.  Tyrel says: "There is an old Crown vic available, great folks at the strip as well!"  4/19. 417-840-2301

KGSO Greensboro (NC) . Piedmont Triad International Airport. Harry says: "
Signature FBO.  They have two courtesy cars, currently Nissan Altimas.
Cars are available during FBO business hours." 4/19 

​8D7 Clark (SD) Municipal Airport.  Fred reports a car with keys at the unattended field.  For security reasons call the airport manager prior for key location.  4/19.  605-532-3462

KBVS Skagit (WA). CT says: "they have a new Camry if your lucky to get it, also an old BMW 7 series, an old diesel truck and an old Chevy Lumina."  4/19  360-757-7757

KSVH Statesville Municipal Airport. Harry says: "They have a Ford Taurus crew car. Available during normal business hours. John at the desk has the keys."

0C4 Pender Municipal Airport.  Brett and Heather say Pender "has a car, but make sure to call ahead as they don't have
someone there all the time.  
816-210-2081.  I found out the hard way."  3/19

Photo of cars added to Knoxville KDKX.  2/19

KPRG Paris (IL). Edgar County Airport. Mark says a car is available.  1/19. 217-465-8474

KGYL Glencoe (MN) Municipal Airport.  1/19  320-864-5586

KFSM Fort Smith (AR) Regional Airport.  Jim says:  "Tac Air. They only let you have it for an hour or so to get something to eat but they do have one (or two).  Also have a ramp fee but waived with fuel purchase.  Nice FBO."  12/18  479-646-1611

NM70 Rodeo  (NM) Airport.  Car available per airport website.  1/19  575-557-2343

KCMR Williams (AZ). H A Clark Memorial Field Airport. NAZ Aviation. 12/18 928-635-8982

96KS Glasco. Palmer Field Airport.  This is a private strip and you must call ahead for permission but if Ray is there he will loan you a car.  He also hosts a small fly in each year.  Call for details.  12/18  785-243-0948​

​KDYT Duluth Sky Harbor. Ben says: "Sky Harbor had a Dodge minivan as a courtesy car that was available for 2 hours.  12/18  218-733-0078

KCHK Chickasha Municipal Airport.  Leow says cars are available.  12/18. 405-222-6006

W01 Tonasket Municipal Airport.  Doug reports a Chevy Impala Courtesy Car. 12/18  509-322-7432

KPIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Regional Airport. Matt says free cars are available with food nearby.  11/18.  601-545-3111

M23 Newton. James H Easom Field Airport. Matt says they have free courtesy cars with food nearby.  11/18.  601-683-2664

KOCW Washington-Warren (NC) Airport.  Abram says: "They have a van available as a courtesy car, and relatively good self-serve prices. I called in advance and the keys were left for me for my after hours arrival. Regards."  11/18.  252-946-3900

KDPA DuPage Airport. Chicago/West Chicago.  Sam says: "DuPage Flight Center has an almost brand-new courtesy car available 24/7. Hour and a half limit."  11/18.  630-208-5600

KELA Eagle Lake (TX) Airport. Leonard says they have an old squad car.  10/18

63S Colville (WA) Municipal Airport. Tom says: "Great little airport, very friendly, two well maintained courtesy cars. They charge $10 per day. Airport manager is Dave." 9/18 509-684-1566. Or 509-685-9056

I35 Harlan.  Tucker-Guthrie Memorial Airport.  Airport reports 2009 Ford Explorer -Clean Interior -Runs Good -Cold A/C  Contact Airport Manager at 606-273-9220 for key.  8/18

KAZE Hazlehurst Airport.  Sam says "KAZE has a courtesy car — actually a very nice, low mileage van with a working air conditioner!" 8/18  912-375-9222

6B0 Middlebury (VT) State Airport.  Evan says they have a car as of 7/18.  802-388-1800

KDRM Drummond Island Airport.  "FloatsFlyer" says: "the FBO(really the really nice gas guy who fuelled us up) gave us his big clunker 1993 Cadillac DTS courtesy car to use to drive to the town restaurant. He said we could also use his newish looking F150 truck."  7/18. 906-493-5411

KHPT Hampton Municipal Airport. Evan says they have a car and: "Stopped there for weather. Used it twice. Nice, friendly FBO."  7/18  Schumann Aviation. 641-456-9000

KTRX Trenton Municipal Airport. Tom says: "there was an airport courtesy car available when I stopped there on the way to Airventure, use the sign in sheet provided." 7/18. 660-359-2013

3W7 Electric City. Grand Coulee Dam Airport. Igor says: "It is low mileage Ford Taurus Wagon (A/C seemed weak, though) and it's great to borrow it and take a tour of Grand Coulee Dam and see their laser light show."  7/18   509-633-1319

KICR Winner (SD) Regional Airport. AOPA forum member "ELB" says: "The husband/wife team there (both are mechanics) are about the nicest people on earth! Car available for the short drive to town. Nice runway.  I have had work done on the plane there several times. Prices are the best around. Only bad thing is they are extremely busy. Probably related to their prices!"  Howard Aviation.  605-842-0740  6/18 

KMTW Manitowoc County Airport. Roger says they have a courtesy truck, bicycles, 91 octane MOGAS and the First Class Cafe just south of runway 35. 6/18  920-683-4594.

KMWC Milwaukee Lawrence J Timmerman Airport. Roger and Susie report these 2 cars available, first come, first serve, 2 hour limit at S.C.A. 6/18  414-461-3222

KARB Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. Thomas says: "Solo Aviation at KARB has a car you can use with a 10 gallon fuel purchase. I advise calling ahead to check availability."  5/18  734-994-6651

​U10 Preston Airport (ID). State owned car.  5/18. Craig 208-852-2151.

3U2 Yellow Pine (ID) . Johnson Creek Airport. State owned car. 5/18 Caretaker. 208-633-3333

U88 Garden Valley Airport (ID). State owner car.  5/18. Annie. 208-462-6036 or 208-462-9233

66S Coolin. Cavanaugh Bay Airport (ID). State owned car.  Allen 208-443-2721 or cell 208-659-8198  5/18

U03 Buhl Municipal Airport (ID).  State owned car.  MOGAS. Rick 208-731-3781

​KRUE Russellville Regional Airport. Harvey says: "I discovered Russellville Regional Airport now has 2 courtesy cars. Call 479-967-1227 or email krue@rsvlar.org. Their website is www.krue.us. I hope this helps someone."  Harvey  5/18

9F0 Dublin Municipal Airport. Brad says they now have a courtesy car.  They also have Swift UL 94 ONLY. He adds: "The car is first-come, first-serve. If we're in the office, we'll toss you the keys and ask you to jot down your name and number in our book. If we're out, look behind the Wookie. ;^)
If pilots are here when Dublin Bottling Work is open, they'll come pick you up and return you to the airport when you're done exploring town. Their number is (888) 398-1024.  5/18. 

S10 Chelan. Lake Chelan Airport. Igor U. says: "Lake Chelan airport now has an Ford ex-police Interceptor for a courtesy car. It runs good with cold AC but rear plastic seats look uncomfortable."  5/18.  509-682-5976
Keys are in the Pilot Lounge, at the desk and drivers should fill out the insurance info on form supplied.  Great find if you want to check town or nearby wineries.

KMTW Manitowoc County Airport. 6/16 MOGAS  920-683-4594

57C East Troy Municipal Airport. 7/16. 262-642-5008

18Y Milaca Municipal Airport. News story reports one of the nicest cars.  5/18. 320-983-6547

KPUW Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport. Cars and MOGAS. 9/17. 509-332-6596

KSFQ Suffolk Executive Airport. 7/17.  MOGAS  ​757-514-4411

​KHSI Hastings Municipal Airport. Dale says they have a courtesy car, an older minivan. Keys are in a lock box.  5/18. 402-461-3060

KDTL Detroit Lakes Airport-Wething Field. "Wannfly" says he used a car there. 5/18.  218-847-3233

KHON Huron Regional Airport. "Wannfly" says he used a car here.  5/18.  605-352-9262

D54 West Fargo Municipal Airport.  "Wannfly" says he has used a car here.  5/18. 701-371-2655

Please check out our new MOGAS page HERE and check back frequently as additions are made.

KAID Anderson Municipal Airport-Darlington Field.  5/18 MOGAS  765-648-6292

KJOT Joliet Regional Airport. 5/18 MOGAS  815-741-7267

KMNV Madisonville. Monroe County Airport. Jim says: "Very friendly and helpful FBO manager Tom McCosh can be reached at 423-420-0563. If you get there at lunch time Tom often has some home cooked country cooking for visitors and locals."  5/18

KMIO Miami (OK) Regional Airport.  Ted says: "MIO has two retired city car avail. Fun casino right down the road and cheap 100 LL."  4/18. 918-541-2290

-4D0 Grand Ledge. Abrams Municipal Airport. Srinath says: "The FBO has an old municipal car that they will let you use. They request to replace the fuel."  4/18. 517-627-9557

KAEL Albert Lea Municipal Airport.  From airport manager: "We have a Ford Explorer car ( 3 hour limit, 15 mile radius, overnights OK).  Photo in front of our new arrival/departure building under construction—completion date June 1, 2018.  We do have 93 octane MOGAS.  We also have 6 eating places within 4 blocks of the airport.  4/18.  507-373-0608

KFRM Fairmont Municipal Airport.  Jeffrey says: "they have a free courtesy car available that can be added to the list.  It’s an old city police cruiser but works well.  Airport is KFRM.  I’m on the Airport Commission so know this to be correct.  [😊]" 4/18.  507-235-6160

KHSG Thermopolis-Hot Springs County.  Update from Dave. 4/18. 10 miles north of town they have 2 reliable courtesy vehicles. A Chevy Tahoe and a PT Cruiser. Our EAA group, based 80 miles away has used both for $100 breakfasts many times.  The manager (Nate) is a young, friendly, military vet, pilot, A&P, IA.  Owl Creek Aviation 307-867-2027

KCDI Cambridge Municipal Airport.  Joey says they have  a Pontiac Vibe available for use.  Keys are available to be signed out in the FBO.  Cambridge Flight Center.  4/18. 740-432-3726

S83 Kellogg. Shoshone County Airport. 3 cars available per manager. 4/18.  208-786-5381

KSAF.  Comments added to listing:  4/18.  An AOPA user writes: "The only reason Signature at Santa Fe is reasonable is that there is an excellent competing FBO on the field the Santa Fe Jet Center. I would encourage you to support this amazingly GA-friendly business.  Jon"

KRYW  Lago Vista.  Rusty Allen Airport.  Glenn says they have a nice Crown Vic.  4/18. 512-267-5259

KLZU Lawrenceville. Gwinnett County Airport-Briscoe Field. "Courtesy transportation" at Gwinnett Aero.  770-995-5592. 4/18.  Cafe on field.  The Flying Machine.  770-962-2262

​06R Bellville. Grawunder Field Airport. Contact:   Matt Riefkoh.  832-797-3903.  Ken Thompson.  281-468-4297.  Unattended Field.  First come First Serve.  An agreement form will be filled out at the airport and texted to Matt. The pilot will be immediately called back and given the combo to the lock box containing the keys.  Useage limited to within ten miles of Bellville as the car was donated by the city.  Thank you!  Ken Thompson.  4/18

KLWB -Lewisburg. Greenbrier Valley Airport.   Harry say they have a "2008 Crown Vic, former city vehicle.  4/18.  304-645-3961  Also Cafe on field.

KEKN Elkins-Randolph County Airport-Jennings Randolph Field. Harry reports a  "2002 Crown Vic, ex police cruiser, it runs!"  4/18.  304-636-2726

KBLF Bluefield.  Mercer County Airport. Harry says they have a "2016 Chevy Mailbu  Low mileage, great condition!  4/18.  304-327-5308

KINW Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport.  Wiseman Aviation.  4/18. 928-289-0100

KGLS Galveston. Scholes International Airport at Galveston. 2/18. Check Air Nav reviews. 409-744-9000

KBNL Barnwell Regional Airport.  Bob says " Barnwell has 93 octane MOGAS 24/7 with credit card pump and a courtesy car (van) available also. 803-259-1090 2/18

KSTF Starkville. George M Bryan Airport. The manager reports:  "We currently have a retired police crown vic available and just received yesterday a new (to us) Ford Expedition that will be available starting this week! Cars are first come first serve and available any time. Thanks!  1/18  662-615-1848

KREG Gonzales.  Louisiana Regional Airport.  Robert says they had a car for use to go to lunch.  1/18.  225-644-1959

79J  Andalusia.  South Alabama Regional Airport at Bill Benton Field.  Robert said they let him take the car overnight.  1/18.  334-222-6598

KCDN Camden (SC) Woodward Field Airport. Robert says they have a courtesy car for use. 1/17. 803-425-5285

KMHL Marshal Memorial Municipal Airport.  Robbie says a courtesy car is available.  1/18  660-886-3320

KRNH New Richmond Regional Airport.  Per news story, they have 2 cars.  12/17.  East Metro Aviation.  715-246-5338

60R Navasota Municipal Airport.  Mark says one car is available.  12/17 Spinner Aviation  979-429-3835

KGOK Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport. Gayle says a car is available at Crabtree Aircraft. 12/17. 405-282-4250

82V Pine Bluffs Municipal Airport.  Buck says: "I just flew into Pine Bluffs and was given a free courtesy car by calling the airport manager: JOHN MARQUARDT Phone Number: 307-245-9257  11/17

KDDH Bennington William H Morse State Airport.  News story reports a "gently used" Subaru donated by a local dealer to the airport.  11/17.  802-442-5503

03D Memphis Memorial Airport. Chad says: "has an old cop car sitting on the ramp ready to go. Unattended airport, and once I flew in and the battery for the car was dead but a nice guy from the airport board came out and jump-started it to get me going."  11/17  660-465-7285

KTZT Belle Plaine Municipal Airport.  Chad says " they have an old cop car, it might be in the north shed but there are instructions with the sign out sheet to get it out."  11/17  319-350-7136

8A1 Guntersville Municipal Airport - Joe Starnes Field. Shane says "Lake Guntersville, Alabama municipal (8A1) has a free courtesy car on a first come first serve basis. 256-486-5121. They only ask that users keep it fueled up. First time users must show valid driver license at check out.

KEVU Maryville, Northwest Missouri Regional Airport.  11/17.  Chad says: "We encourage traffic to fly in and see our brand new runway and ramp plus nice terminal building. And we have two minivans available as courtesy cars." 

1H0 St. Louis Creve Coeur Airport.  Dan says they have a car there.  11/17.  314-878-6400

KSTJ St. Joseph Rosecrans Memorial Airport.  Cafe on Field. The Diner at Rosecrans: 816-364-2242.  Roger says they have a car and "Big thing is that they have a SUPER diner literally under the tower.  Great prices and even greater food."  Express Flight.  11/17  816-233-3444

6D6 Greenville Municipal Airport.  Don says they have a car at Marceco Aviation.  11/17  616-754-5534

KAHH Amery (WI) Municipal Airport. Jim says "a retired cop car is there."  11/18.  612-803-2318

KDHN Dothan Regional Airport. Scott says "Aero-One Aviation has 3 almost new crew vehicles."  10/17. 334-983-4541

KEWB New Bedford Regional Airport.  Shalom reports a car is available at Sandpiper Air.  He adds: "they have a Dodge minivan.  Not in great shape but works.  Melissa is superb!" 10/17  508-991-7660

​3TR Niles. Jerry Tyler Memorial Airport. CJ says "3TR has a late model Ford Explorer and the cheapest gas around. Has been $3.52 for the last year."  10/17   269-683-4700

U36 Aberdeen Municipal Airport. Bruce says to call Aberdeen City Hall for information and access to airport car. 9/17 208-397-4161 

KJAN Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport.  Zac writes: "Atlantic Aviation has three courtesy cars available and they even matched a fuel price nearby in which I was planning to hop over to fill my tanks with at almost half their regular price. Very friendly folks." 9/17  601-939-9366

H04 Vinita (OK) Municipal Airport. Brian reports:  "Vinita has a courtesy car owned by the City. You just call the number and someone will bring you the keys. The car is usually parked on the north end of the field. You can also walk through a gate at this airport and walk over to a McDonald's, Subway and convenience store to get something to eat. The restaurant is unique because it spans across I-44.  9/17.  918-397-0193

3B5 Turner Twitchell Airport.  Steller Air Service says  they have a car and good small airport atmosphere.  8/17  207-225-3490

KRHI Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport.  Ben says a car is available for short trips into town.  8/17  715-365-3456

KDGW Douglas-Converse County Airport. Spoke to Dixi, the county has 4 cars, an '86 Merc, old Dodge mini-van, a nice 05 Town and Country and in a pinch a maintenance Dodge truck.  Schedule through the FBO at 307-358-3527  8/17

KFKS Frankfort Dow Memorial Field.  John says  a courtesy car is available.  8/17  231-352-9118 or 231-651-0751

KDRT Del Rio International Airport. Wade says "Pico Aviation has 2 crew cars for pilot use. We used an SUV with captains chairs in back. Very friendly staff."  8/17  830-768-0898  830-734-3379

KIRS Sturgis Kirsch Municipal Airport.  Steven says " Nice FBO. Courtesy car available. If arriving after hours, arrangements for car can be made with FBO".  8/17  269-651-2821  269-659-7234

KFIG Clearfield-Lawrence Airport.  David says they have a 1999 Jeep Cherokee as a courtesy car.  8/17.  814-768-7712

KMNM Menominee-Marinette Twin County Airport.  Peter says they have a courtesy van.  8/17 906-863-8408

KPQN Pipestone Municipal Airport. Sheri says "one van and one sedan - great people." 8/17 Country Aire. 507-562-2332

KFOA Flora Municipal Airport. Friedrich says "Flora has a nice courtesy car (Van) most of the time available. Key is accessible also after office hours."  7/17.  618-662-2823

MY72 Isle Private Airport. Per a news story, a courtesy car is available. 

3CU Cable Union Airport.  Brad says a car is available.  7/17.  715-798-3240

C66 Monmouth Municipal Airport.  Chris says Monmouth has a courtesy car and mogas.  7/17.  309-734-3411

KLWC Lawrence Municipal Airport. Steve says 3 cars are available at Hetrick Air Services.  785-842-0000  7/17.

​KSDA Shenandoah, IA.  See listing for updated info.  7/17

KGTG Grantsburg Municipal Airport. Local newspaper reports one car is available and may add a second.  6/17  715-220-9559

KCFE Buffalo Municipal Airport.  Ambyr sends in a picture of the new courtesy car there.  6/17  763-682-1181

KJAC  Jackson Hole Airport.  Jackson Hole Aviation.  Per Pilot Getaways. 6/17

4I3 Mount Vernon, Knox County Airport.  Joe says 1 car is available.  6/17.  740-397-9647

KSUE Sturgeon Bay Door County Cherryland Airport.  Tyler says "
They have an old Toyota Camry to use for a few hours but it is only available during the week during normal business hours."  6/17  Tailwind Flight Center.  

KLLQ Monticello Municipal Airport/Ellis Field. Airport ad says they have a car. 5/17. 870-367-4450

47K Moundridge Municipal Airport.  Matt says a car is available, for security, call ahead for key location. 5/17  620-345-2661

KFRH French Lick Municipal Airport. Kent says they have a car and French Lick Hotel and Casino also offers free shuttle service to and from the airport to several locations in the area. 5/17  812-936-2222

KPMZ Plymouth Municipal Airport. Jarrett says Plymouth has crew cars and 24 hr. self fuel. Car is old county car but gets to town for grub. 5/17. 252-793-9801

KSWT Seward Municipal Airport. Mat says they have a Pontiac Minivan, for security reasons, call ahead for key location. 5/17. Whisler Aviation. 402-643-2226

1K4 Goldsby. David J Perry Airport. Sterling submits a Dodge Caravan Minivan. 5/17. 405-288-6675

KPTB Petersburg Dinwiddie County Airport.  Frank says a car is available.  4/17  804-861-0218 

KDED DeLand Municipal Airport-Sidney H Taylor Field. Mark says there is a car at DeLand Aviation.  4/17. 386-740-1955  Two airport cafes on field.  ​Airport Restaurant and Gin Mill 386-734-9755 ​and The Perfect Spot Restaurant 386-734-0088

KEIK Erie Municipal Airport. Nick says the car at Vector Air has been repaired and is available.  4/17 303-664-0633

KGVE Gordonsville Municipal Airport. Fred says:  For use M-F 8am-5pm contact Town Hall 540-832-2233. Other times contact Orange Co. Sheriff and ask for Gordonsville police to respond to courtesy car. Sherriff office: 540-672-1200. 4/17

KADH Ada Municipal Airport. Kaleb says they have a newer Ford Expedition they give out for free at Heartland Aviation. 4/17 580-235-5279

87I Yazoo. Yazoo County Airport.  Derek says a car is available.  4/17  662-571-4045

2B2 Newburyport. Plum Island Airport. John says they have a car available at  Plum Island Aerodrome Inc.  4/17  978-463-4222

KBXA Bogalusa. George R Carr Memorial Air Field.  Mark says they have a courtesy car and are very friendly folks.  4/17.  985-732-4521

KRFG Refugio. Rooke Field Airport. Warren says a courtesy car is available at VanAir Aviation.  4/17. 361-526-4241

KJYM Hillsdale Municipal Airport. Tom says they have a nice courtesy van. For security reasons, call ahead for key location. 3/17. Patriot Aviation.  517-320-4411

KALN Alton-St Louis Regional Airport. Don says there is a car at West Star Aviation.  3/17  618-259-3230

KPIR Pierre Regional Airport. Darren says there are 2 courtesy cars at Mustang Aviation, 90 min limit, charge after that.  3/17  605-224-9000

KSAR Sparta Community Airport-Hunter Field. Don says they have a courtesy car and nice restaurants within walking distance. 3/17  Sparta Aero Services. 618-443-2002

A.C.C. was featured in today's General Aviation News email newsletter today, 3/24, thanks GAN!

​KVTR Vicksburg Tallulah Regional Airport.  Randy says a car is available.  3/17 318-574-5841

KTSP Tehachapi Municipal Airport.  Ken says we have a vehicle which can be used during business hours and we can also drive people to the local motels, if needed, at Recover Your Cub. 661-822-2827

​Y14 Tea, Marv Skie-Lincoln County Airport, S.D. John says a car is available.  Legacy Aviation.  3/17.  605-368-2841

KENV Wendover Airport, UT.  Mike B. sent in a picture of the Wendover Crown Vic courtesy car.  (I know the picture looks funny on the web version, but my image editor won't fix it, so call it a stretch Vic!) 3/17.  435-665-2308​​

​​KBDH Willmar Municipal Airport, MN. Ambyr  says a Ford Ranger is available.  12 Mar 17.  320-894-1872

KSRR Ruidoso, N.M. , Sierra Blanca Regional Airport. Nick says they have a courtesy car with a 2hr limit - very friendly staff! 3/17 575-336-8111. 12 Mar 2017

KBDU Boulder Municipal Airport, CO. Pilot Getaways says a car is available at Journeys Aviation. 3/17. 303-449-4210. 9 Mar 2017

D38 Canandaigua Airport. Car available for half day use w/ advance notice. Per Pilot Getaways. Canandaigua Air Center. 3/17 585-393-1470. 9 Mar 2017

07F Gladewater Municipal Airport. Bart says there is a courtesy car available 24/7 as well as self serve fuel. 3/17 903-845-2116. 7 Mar 2017

KEQA El Dorado/Captain Jack Thomas Memorial Airport. "E.R." says they have a courtesy car. 2/17. 316-321-1327. 22 Feb 2017

Ramp Fee alert added for KIFP Bullhead City/Laughlin International Airport.  20 Feb 2017

KSRE Seminole (OK) Municipal Airport. Jay says they have an old Crown Vic. 2/17. 405-382-2180.  9 Feb 2017

KUDD Palm Springs-Bermuda Dunes Airport. Chuck says "Great service, 2 cars." 2/17 760-345-2558.  9 Feb 2017

KHJH James says Hebron, NE just got an old Caddy as a courtesy car. 8 Feb 2017

KHOC Hillsboro Highland County 937-393-9112 Greg says "KHOC now has a much nicer car available. Places to eat nearby. Come check it out.  30 Jan 2017

KBLI. Bellingham, Washington. Jeffrey L. says they have a BMW SUV at Command Aviation, call to reserve. 28 Jan 2017

KGXY Greeley-Weld County Airport. Cary says a car is available, and Barnstormers Restaurant is on the field. 22 Jan 2017

KLMO Longmont. Vance Brand Airport. Car at Elite Aviation. 1/17. 303-774-8081. 15 Jan 2017

18A Canon. Franklin County Airport. Roy says: "They have two Ford Tauruses, just add gas when you're done." 1/17. 706-245-1002. 12 Jan 2017

KCKF Crisp County-Cordele Airport. Sam says a car is available at Cordele Flying Service. 1/17. 229-273-3124. 12 Jan 2017

KLYO Lyons Rice County Municipal Airport. Doug says there is a car at Rice County Aviation. 1/17. 620-257-5002.  9 Jan 2017

Recently added over 120 airport cafes (in case your car isn't there), highlighted in red in the List by States section.

KJES Jesup-Wayne County Airport. Derrick says a Buick is available at SutAir Flying Service. 1/17. 912-266-2234.  4 Jan 2017

KVPC Cartersville Airport. Ron says "they have a nice Honda and a Mercedes station wagon at Phoenix Air FBO." 1/17. 770-382-9800. 1 Jan 2017

KGMJ Grove Municipal Airport. Stan says "they have a courtesy car. Very nice people!" 1/17 918-786-6150. 1 Jan 2017

KDQH Douglas Municipal Airport. Clay says: Just used the courtesy car at their FBO. Very nice people. Mercury Grand Marquis 912-384-1409. 1 Jan 2017

KFSO Highgate. Franklin County State Airport. George says they have a courtesy car. 1/17. Contact the FBO Border Air at 802-868-2822. 31 Dec 2016

KBPI Big Piney Miley Memorial Field Airport. Dennis says they have a car. 1/17. 307-276-4022.  31 Dec 2016

U56 Rigby Dennis says they have a car at Sharp Aviation. 1/17. 208-745-0606.  31 Dec 2016

KRTN Raton Municipal/Crews Field Airport. Express Aviation Services. 575-445-3076 or 575-707-2225. Landing fees $100 (waived with fuel). 30 Dec 2016

KTZV Tompkinsville-Monroe County Airport. Darrell says they have a Ford Crown Vic. For security, call ahead for key location. 270-487-0678. 29 Dec 2016

Added 17K, Boise City, OK with a car. Call ahead to Cimarron county sheriff 580-544-2020. Call early the battery generally needs charged."  29 Dec 2016

KSEM Selma. Craig Field Airport. Jeffrey says Southeastern Aviation Services has Two cars, one manual transmission. Great people. 12/16. 25 Dec 2016

KAAO Wichita- Colonel James Jabara Airport. Jason says a car is available at Midwest Corporate Aviation. 12/16 316-636-9700.  22 Dec 2016

KHBI Asheboro Regional Airport (NC). Karen says they have a car. 12/16 336-625-6116 Dec 2016

KSCR Siler City Municipal Airport. (NC) Karen says they have a car. 12/16 919-742-38. 16 Dec 2016

KELP El Paso. Matt says Atlantic Aviation has 2 crew cars. 12/16 915-779-2831.   14 Dec 2016

KLVK Livermore Municipal Airport. Pete says they have a brand new Hyundai. 12/16 Five Rivers Aviation. 925-315-413.  9 Dec 2016

Please share our Facebook page. www.Facebook/airportcourtesycars.com.  3 Dec 2016

KMPI Mariposa-Yosemite Airport. Anthony says a courtesy car is available at Airborrn Aviation Services. 12/16 209-966-2143.  2 Dec 2016

KINW-Winslow, AZ no longer has a car and has been removed from the app/website.  24 Nov 2016

KHOB Hobbs Lea County Regional Airport. Robert says a car is available at Christian Aviation, "real nice people." 11/16 575-318-7585.  19 Nov 2016

S33 Madras Municipal Airport. Car available per Pilot Getaways. 8/16. 541-475-6947. 15 Nov 2016

KFMZ Fairmont State Airfield. James says they have a retired police cruiser donated by the local Elks club. Available 24/7 15 Nov 2016

KFNB Falls City Brenner Field Airport. James says they have an worn out old police cruiser. 15 Nov 2016

KFBY Fairbury Municipal Airport. James says a car is available. 11/16. 402-729-2250.  15 Nov 2016

12K Superior Municipal Airport. James says they have a decent Astro-Van available 24/7. 11/16 402-879-3006. 15 Nov 2016

KLBF North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field. James says they have a couple vehicles at the FBO Trego-Dugan. 11/16 308-532-5864.  15 Nov 2016

KBBW Broken Bow Municipal Airport James says 2 vans / 1 car for courtesy vehicles. Small donation for fuel suggested. 11/16. 308-872-2875.  15 Nov 2016

KCKM Clarksdale, MS. Fletcher Field Airport. Jake says cars are available.  13 Nov 2016

KHOT. Hot Springs. Memorial Field Airport. Clayton says a courtesy van is available with a 2 hour limit. 11/16. 501-321-6750. 5 Nov 2016

Listings have been updated for KANW, Ainsworth, NE and F92, Kingsfisher, OK. 4 Nov 2016

KGZH Evergreen. Middleton Field Airport. Dave says a car is available. 251-578-1274  27 Oct 2016

KDTN Shreveport Downtown Airport. Dwayne says S3 Exec Air has a nice car. Free for 3 hrs $25 an hr after that.  318-220-7034.  25 Oct 2016

C24 Creede CO. Evan says "Visit the little shack at the north end of hangars for instructions." or you can call the manager to get info.  24 Oct 2016

0R0 Columbia-Marion County (MS) Airport. Mike says a 4 door courtesy car is available. 22 Oct 2016

KIGM Kingman, AZ. Scott says Air-zona Aviation has 2 cars. 13 Oct 2016

E38 Alpine-Casparis Municipal Airport has a courtesy Van, per MD. 11 Oct 2016

KRNO Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Pierre says 2 cars are available at Atlantic, first come, first served. 775-858-7300. 9 Oct 2016

KOCF Ocala International Airport-Jim Taylor Field. Debbie says Sheltair has a nice car available for 2 hours. 9 Oct 2016

Jason submitted N98 Boyne City (MI) airport as having a car.  8 Oct 2016

KMKT Mankato Regional Airport (MN). Hiroshi says cars are available at North Star Aviation. 2 cars available, 2 hour limit. 507-625-6006. 2 Oct 2016

Ben says: 4A9 Fort Payne Isbell Field Airport.  "4A9 has an old police car to borrow and great fuel prices! 29 Sep 2016

Chris added KHAB Hamilton-Marion County Airport, Alabama . 28 Sep 2016

Added KLSE LaCrosse WI. 22 Sep 2016

KPWT Bremerton WA added. 22 Sep 2016

Added a car at KUIN Quincy, IL. 22 Sep 2016

2 more cars added today: KGTU Georgetown Muni. -GTU Jet 512-869-0900 -AeroJet Center 512-863-5530. 16 Sep 2016

Added Larsen Aviation in Dalhart, KDHT. 16 Sep 2016

Dave says KAAA, Lincoln, Il now has 2 cars. 15 Sep 2016

Added Clear Skies Aviation, Y19 Mandan, ND. 14 Sep 2016

KTYR Tyler (TX) Pounds Regional Airport has been added. 11 Sep 2016

Added KLIT, Little Rock at Fly Arkansas today. 11 Sep 2016

Chris submitted 3 additional vehicles in ND, 9Y1-Killdeeer, KJMS-Jamestown and KRUG-Rugby. Thanks Chris! 9 Sep 2016

Added KENW SAS at Kenosha WI and Francis Aviation at KLRU, Las Cruces, NM. 8 Sep 2016

Added Bakersfield (CA) Jet Center at KBFL, Concord (CA) Jet Center at KCCR, JFI Jet Center at Long Beach (CA) KLGB & Jackson Jet, Boise KBOI. 8 Sep 2016

Scott added KOEO, Osceola, WI. 3 Sep 2016

John added KMCB, McComb, MS. 3 Sep 2016

Bob added 16G, Tiffin, OH. 2 Sep 2016

John submits 6D9, East Tawas, MI. 2 Sep 2016

Ryan added KAUH, Aurora, NE. 2 Sep 2016

George submitted KHEE Helena AR. 1 Sep 2016

George added M83, West Point, MS. 1 Sep 2016

Alan added KOYM St Marys, PA. 30 Aug 2016

Please consider a positive review for ACC's. 28 Aug 2016

Geoff reports 7V7, Red Cloud, NE. 27 Aug 2016

Ron added 2F5, Lamesa, TX. 27 Aug 2016

Zachary adds KPDK Atlanta Dekalb Peachtree Airport. 25 Aug 2016

Added Executive Flight at KEAT, Wenatchee, WA. 25 Aug 2016

Roger also adds KMVL, Morrisville, VT. 23 Aug 2016

Roger adds KSFM, Sanford, ME. 23 Aug 2016

Michael added KILM, Wolmington, SC. 23 Aug 2016

KBRD Brainerd, MN has been added by Lawrence. 23 Aug 2016

John added 49B Sturgis Muni. 22 Aug 2016

Steve added KPNM Princeton, MN 22 Aug 2016

Phillip submitted KDFI Defiance, OH 22 Aug 2016

Rich added KSDM San Diego Brown Field. 22 Aug 2016

3AU, Augusta, KS now offers 25 cents off per gallon when you show the Airport Courtesy Car App.

H35, Clarksville, AR. Jim says they have a car. 17 Aug 2016

Larry added KPTT, Pratt, KS with a car. 16 Aug 2016

Jerry submitted KBFE, Brownville-Terry Co, TX.15 Aug 2016

Jason added 3 cars in Vernal, UT at Dinaland Aviation. KVEL. 15 Aug 2016

Matt added KTTD, Portland-Troutdale Suburban. 15 Aug 2016

Chris added 5H4, Harvey, ND. 9 Aug 2016

Lyle adds S68, Orofino, ID11:40 8 Aug 2016

Jade reports a state car with minimal fees at KBYI, Burley, ID. 7 Aug 2016

Bill adds KMDZ, Medford, WI as having a real nice car. 7 Aug 2016

Stephen reports 2 cars at KTCJ, Carrollville, GA. 7 Aug 2016

KMKJ, Marion/Wytheville, VA submitted by James. 6 Aug 2016

Mark just submitted KMAW in Malden, MO having a mini van. 6 Aug 2016

KNQA, Millington Regional, TN is now listed with CTI Aviation offering full service fuel at self serve price for ACC App users! 6 Aug 2016

KRNT Renton, Washington added. 6 Aug 2016

Max reports a car at KELN, Ellensburg, WA. 5 Aug 2016

Rusty reports a car at KIYK, Inyokern, CA. 5 Aug 2016

Dan adds KUVA, Garner Field in Uvalde, TX as having a car. 3 Aug 2016

Roger reports KMHE, Mitchell, SD has a car.  3 Aug 2016

Terry says 2 cars in good shape are at KCFV, Coffeyville, KS. 3 Aug 2016

Bruce submitted T78, Liberty Municipal in Texas. 3 Aug 2016

Car added at KFGU Collegedale, TN. Thanks Chris. 3 Aug 2016

Car added at KRAL, Riverside CA at RAL Jetport.  23 Jul 2016

Eric submitted I22 Winchester, IN airport. 23 Jul 2016

Jim reports KLOT Romeoville, Illinois airport. 23 Jul 2016

Peter submitted KSEP, Stephenville, TX has a car and golf carts to Hard 8 BBQ. 23 Jul 2016

Kenny reports a car at KGAD, Gadsden, AL. 23 Jul 2016

Peter submitted 79S Fort Benton, Montana. 15 Jul 2016

Tom says F92, Kingfisher, OK has a car-added. 14 Jul 2016

Terry submitted KCPU, San Andreas, CA. has a car. 14 Jul 2016

KUUV Sullivan (MO) Regional Airport added. 11 Jul 2016

Updating our database. If you use a car, would you let us know, and any details if you wish, and we will date the listing. Thanks! 9 Jul 2016

Kevin has submitted KOIN Oberlin, Kansas having a car. 5 Jul 2016

Whitney says several cars available at AVFlight at KSLN Salina. Added. 4 Jul 2016

Added KOZW Howell Michigan airport car. 1 Jul 2016

Cary reports a car is available at Montgomery Aviation @ Indianapolis Executive Airport 30 Jun 2016

John says 5C1, Boerne Stage Field has a Toyota Yaris with a stick shift. San Antonio area. Added. 26 Jun 2016

Met Ron at a back country fly in at West Glacier, MT. Says his home airport in Belen, NM has a car. 25 Jun 2016

Added 10CO, Mack Mesa Airport in Colorado 25 Jun 2016

Brian let us know of a car at KGGI, Grinnell, Iowa. 21 Jun 2016

Bradley sent in a pic of the car at KARW, Beaufort, SC. 9 Jun 2016

Eric has reported 5I4, Sheridan, Indiana has a car. Thanks Eric! 28 May 2016

Our latest car addition is 61D, Plainwell, Michigan 25 May 2016