80F Antlers Municipal Airport.  "Pilot NCS" says: "they recently added a courtesy car.  The key is in a lock box in the airport building.  There is an Olympic quality ping-pong table to pass the time if you are waiting out the weather.  12/19 580-298-5635

KTUL Tulsa International
918-510-1386 9/19
918-836-0222 9/19 or 
"Courtesy Transportation" at Atlantic 9/19 
User also writes a car is available at Tulsair Beechcraft with good fuel prices and no landing fees or minimum fuel purchase required to use the car. Another user writes the car is available for 1.5 hours at a time.
Zac adds:  Landed at KTUL, parked at -Sparks Aviation.  I was very impressed that they did not have any fees (which are almost always double for a twin), and they had a nice courtesy van which they let us use for several hours.  I was even able to reserve it ahead of time for the trip.  Looks like KTUL is just a very GA friendly airport.  4/16  

KRVS Tulsa-Jones Airport  -Riverside Jet. 9/19  918-299-3835
​BC from the AOPA forum says -Christensen Aviation also has a car with a 2 hour limit.  7/19.  

H04 Vinita Municipal Airport. Brian reports:  "Vinita has a courtesy car owned by the City. You just call the number and someone will bring you the keys. The car is usually parked on the north end of the field. You can also walk through a gate at this airport and walk over to a McDonald's, Subway and convenience store to get something to eat. The restaurant is unique because it spans across I-44.  9/17.  918-397-0193  And thanks Brian for the pictures!​

KGCM Claremore Regional.  6/19  918-343-0931

KCLK Clinton Regional.  7/18 580-323-5782

KDUA Durant Regional Airport - Eaker Field.  BC from the AOPA forum says they have a city van, just replace the fuel.  And Steve sent in the picture saying the FBO was "super friendly".  4/2022  580-920-0574

KELK Elk City Regional.  2 cars.  6/18  580-225-7700

KWDG Enid Woodring Regional Airport. -Enid has 4 cars, they say they are not pretty but work, who cares about pretty, friendly FBO. 4/2022  580-234-5476  Cafe on field.  Barnstormers. 580-541-4978

KFDR Frederick Regional  "Courtesy Transportation"  4/2022  580-335-2421

6K4 Fairview Municipal Airport. Junior reports a car 4/15.
Regier Fling Service 

-KADH Ada Municipal Airport. Robin supplied this picture of the courtesy van in 11/2020.  580-235-5279

​KSRE Seminole Municipal Airport.  Jay says they have an old Crown Vic and supplied the picture.  2/17.  405-382-2180

​KBVO Bartlesville Municipal Airport.  Lieven says: "FBO has 4 crew cars available: 2 Ford Explorers (2011 & 2013) 2 Ford Taurus (2007) 1 Ford FreeStar Van (2004) Please call ahead for reservations.
Mainly for use in town but we got their permission to take the mini-van to Pawhuska for a quick trip. Great airport with a new crew lounge and friendly service."  
918-661-3121  7/2021

​KJWG Watonga Regional 580-623-7350 

KOJA Weatherford.  3 cars.  Lawson sent in the picture of one, 12/2021 Thanks!  580-774-1971

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-KOKM Okmulgee Regional.  3/18  918-756-0412

KJSV Sallisaw Municipal Airport
User writes: Nice folks. Cheap gas. Use courtesy car to go to Out West BBQ for great food.  

KOWP Sand Springs-Pogue Muni.   Two cars, 2000 Chevy Malibu,
2007 Chevy Malibu. 03/2022

​KOUN Norman. University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport.  Ryan reports in 11/2020: "1 Late model Ford Focus available with no fee."  405-360-3900

1K4 Goldsby. David J Perry Airport. Sterling submits a Dodge Caravan Minivan.  5/17.  405-288-6675

​KOKC Oklahoma City-Will Rogers.  Atlantic 405-787-4043  11/2020

KPWA Oklahoma City-Wiley Post "Courtesy Transportation"  11/2020  Metta, 405-709-1550   Atlantic, 405-787-4040
Cafe on field.  ​Annie Okie's Runway Cafe. 405-787-7732

KHSD Oklahoma City-Sundance Airpark.  11/2020
Two late model Land Rover SUV's available.

KAXS Altus-Quartz Mtn Regional  -AXS.  3/18  580-482-8833

-KAVK Alva Regional Airport. BC from the AOPA forum says they have a car.  7/19.  580-327-2898

KADM Ardmore Municipal
-Lakeland.  3/18 
-SBA.  3/18  

1F0 Ardmore Downtown Exec.  Robin gives us an update and pictures in 9/2022:  They got them about 6 months ago to replace the old cop cars as a donation from local oil firm Noble Research; very nice and new Ford Taurus and a Chevy Suburban. Sign them out in FBO. Gate code supplied. Just put in some gas before returning. Still recommend Cafe Alley in town center as previously for 5* food.  -KMA Aviation 580-465-7773


​-KRCE Oklahoma City-Yukon. Clarence E Page Municipal Airport.  Two cars available at Legacy Aviation. Per Mike 5/16.  405-350-2100

-KGMJ Grove Municipal Airport. Stan says "they have a courtesy car. Very nice people!"  7/17  918-786-6150

KGOK Guthrie-Edmond Regional Airport.  Gayle says a car is available at Crabtree Aircraft.  12/17.  405-282-4250

KGUY Guymon Muni.  -Centerline.  3/18  580-338-7700

2O8 Hinton. 3/18  405-542-3993 

KHBR Hobart Regional  "Courtesy Transportation"  3/18  580-726-2719

​KHHW Hugo. Stan Stamper Municipal Airport.  Rod reports a car 12/2021.  580-326-2335  

4O4 Idabel-McCurtain Co.  "Courtesy Transportation"  3/18  580-286-3558

1K8 Ketchum-South Grand Lake Regional. Brent says they have 2 nice cars, a Crown Vic and Durango.  3/18  918-693-1855
F92 Kingfisher Airport.  405-375-4901  ​Photo by Lawson, call ahead for key location.  4/2022

2K4 Mangum-Scott Field  "Courtesy Transportation". 3/18  580-782-2256

KMLC Mc Alester Regional Airport.  A user writes FBO BrenAir has a crew car available for customers who purchase fuel. 7/15  918-426-4337

KMIO Miami Regional Airport.  Ted says: "MIO has two retired city car avail. Fun casino right down the road and cheap 100 LL."  4/18. 918-541-2290

KMKO Muskogee -Davis Aviation, 918-6822-4101. Photo of Tesla by Lawson. 4/2022 

​17K Boise City Airport. Daniel says "No fees,  courtesy car that beats walking. info available at shack on south ramp or call ahead to Cimarron county sheriff 580-544-2020. Call early the battery generally needs charged."  12/16. 

90F Broken Bow Airport.  Adam says "they have a courtesy car available, it’s a Ford Expedition or similar.  You have to contact them and they will have you fill out a form to have on file.  Once you are there, just get  the keys in the little terminal building and enjoy!  580-584-2885
I used it to visit Grateful Head Pizza about 10 miles north of the airport, great little place!"  5/16

KCHK Chickasha Municipal Airport.  Jonathon says 3 cars are available.  5/2021 405-222-6006

KSNL Shawnee Regional.  3/18 405-878-1633

KSWO Stillwater Regional.  -Stillwater Flight Center.  3/18 405-624-5463

KTQH Tahlequah Municipal Airport.  User writes Great folks, friendly airport, coffee and donuts every Thursday morning.  9/19 

918-431-4139  ​And Brian submitted the picture below.

​KWWR West Woodward Airport. 2/19  580-256-8286

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