-KONP Newport Municipal.  5/19  541-867-7422

KOTH North Bend-SW ORE Regional. 5/19  -Coos Aviation  541-756-5181  $10 landing fee will be mailed to you from the airport. ​Per P.O.A. forum.

KPDX Portland International Airport.  4/19  Atlantic. CT says: "Atlantic has a few new Escapes and a new Toyota van."   503-331-4220

KHIO Portland-Hillsboro
503-640-3711 Matt says a $25 ramp fee waived with fuel.  5/19
-Global.  5/19 
-And a user writes that Hillsboro Aviation has a NICE Mercedes S500. 5/19  
KTTD Portland-Troutdale Airport. A 9/18 update says the car there is a Crown Vic and a $2 overnight parking fee  ---Gorge Winds Aviation.  503-661-1044 

S39 Prineville Airport.  Jeannine says 2 cars are available. Steve adds, "I used one, ran good. Put gas in it is all. Friendly FBO. "Thanks for creating this tool."  Cameron adds" Limited use of the cars, but ok for overnight stay to local hotel".  8/19  541-416-0805

KRDM Redmond-Roberts Field  
-Butler Aircraft  
-Tara updates 2 cars at Leading Edge Jet Center. 5/19  

KRBG Roseburg Regional
-Western Ore. Flying Service has a car per John.  5/19  

KSLE Salem-McNary Field Airport.  5/19  -Salem Aviation Fueling.  503-364-4158  ext 1. Cafe on field.  Flight Deck Restaurant.  503-581-5721

KSPB Scapoose.  Transwestern. 5/19  503-543-3121

6K5 Sisters-Eagle Air Airport. 12/14  541-513-8948

KTMK Tillamook Airport  Mike updates us, saying they now have 2 old police cruisers. 10/2022  (When airport is staffed!)  503-842-7152

S49 Vale  541-473-2530  Key location blocked for security, call ahead.

If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on A.C.C's!

KAST Astoria Regional.  Eric says: "The car is a sweet mid 2000s blue Impala with 165k miles and a blanket of spider webs.  It is available first come first serve, 2 hourish limit, during business hours.  AC works!"  9/19     503-861-1222


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-S33 Madras Municipal Airport.  Car available per Pilot Getaways at Berg Air per their website.  2/2022.  541-475-6947

KMMV McMinnville Municipal. Potcake Aviation.  2/2022. 503-376-0190 


-KUAO Aurora State Airport.  David says: "I just found your site.  Way cool.
They have offered me a "crew" car a couple of times.  The FBO is Lynx
503-678-1336.  Friendly people and a great ride for the Portland, OR area.  6/19

-KBDN Bend.  Very nice Mercedes crew cars (2 of them) at Professional Air. 

541-388-0019  Cafe on field.  CJ's at the Airport 541-317-4153  4/2021
Combined with some of the cheapest gas in OR , this makes KBDN a no-brainer stop... Thanks to Mike R. for the
cafe update.

KBNO Burns Muni.  2/18  541-573-6139

3S4 Cave Junction Illinois Valley Airport
-Captain Drakes light sport  

-KCVO Corvallis Municipal Airport
Wes says Corvallis Aero Services has a car for day use.  8/15


-77S Creswell-Hobby Field.  2/18  541-895-2913

8S4 Enterprise Municipal Airport.  Stangel Flight Service.  541-805-0364

KEUG Eugene-Mahlon Sweet Field Airport.  Atlantic  541-688-9291

6S2 Florence  David says: "The two cars have been replaced with a new Ford C-Max electric hybrid.  Strictly first come first served, but at no cost." 541-997-8069  

3S8 Grants Pass Airport.  Matt says they have a courtesy car at the FBO.  11/2020.  Pacific Aviation Northwest.  541-479-2230

KHRI Hermiston Municipal Airport. Kris says: "Silver Ford, overnight use possible, friendly staff, they waited for me although I arrived late."  5/19  541-567-3694

4S2 Hood River-Ken Jernstedt Airfield. 2/15  Classic Wings Aero Services.  541-386-1133

7S5 Independence State Airport.  -A new Hyundai crew car available at Nutsch Aviation. Kim gave us an update that bicycles are no longer available but the car still is.  9/18  503-428-7209  Cafe on field.  Starduster Cafe.  503-838-1781

KGCD John Day. Grant County Regional Airport/Ogilvie Field.
Two cars available.  2/18  

KJSY Joseph State Airport
The beautiful Northeast corner of Oregon has a Mercury Cougar and a Suburban. We also have 3 bicycles and it's an easy 1 mile ride into town and about two miles to Wallowa Lake. We ask that the cars be returned full of gas and a $5 donation. There is no FBO so it's the airport volunteers who are keeping up the cars. There is self service 100LL.
Any questions can be directed to 
Tim Locke at
(541) 263-0470 or Wup Winn (541) 263-2968

-KLGD La Grande/Union County Airport.  4 cars available. 8/17  541-963-6615

S30 Lebanon State Airport  -LebanAir.  541-258-5029   3 cars available.  5/18 MOGAS UL 92  8/2020.

9S9 Lexington Airport.  David reports a Ford Explorer.  11/2021.  541-989-9500