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Eric says: "Thanks for your web site. I appreciate your work. It’s a great needed service."

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I really appreciate the site. Nice to have some first hand knowledge when I'm planning these little excursions. 

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"Just put $50 in the kitty. Your website is one of the most useful aviation resources on the web, and it has really expanded the choice of destinations for me and my flybuddy/co-pilot, so I am happy to do something to support you in your endeavors, and very keen to ensure that ACC continues to function. I promise to do a better job of reporting on what we find transportation-wise on our jaunts, and even take photos (Got a GoPro for Christmas so I have no excuse now) ;-)  
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"Thanks for a great App, this cross country will now be BASED on where I can find crew cars for my stops instead of praying I find one when I land at the cheapest fuel like my last major continental trip."  Brendan O.

"The app you've established is much appreciated…..BTW, if you ever need a personal visit as your rep to any of your listed (or unlisted) FBOs in Southern California, I'm always looking for an excuse to fly."  Dan K.

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"Thank you for keeping this app up and running. I just gave it 5 stars. I recently ferried a cub from New York to Washington State. Your app was very helpful for choosing places to overnight. Thank You,"  Jacob V

"The app you've established is much appreciated."  Dan K.

"I gave it five stars.  Sincerely,  John N."

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I will include your app information in our next monthly newsletter.
I am sure our Flight School Member will be grateful for this information.  Barbara"

"I know it will help me next month when I have to put 100hrs in so I can start commercial training."   Tom R. 

"Thanks for putting this together! It is awesome! Can I help somehow?"  Teena D.

"Your app is well overdue.  Please add Hangar 9 to your courtesy car list."  Darryl S. 

"Congratulations on a great idea and a great app! I've shared it with several friends already."  R. Kelly.

"Good to see an app for Airports to list their courtesy car availability and for passengers to find a car more easily."  Leah L.

"Heard about the app from the AOPA Pilot magazine. Love what you are doing here!  I'll be telling my whole company. Crew car availability is one of the biggest determinations in where we land each night on the road, so anything to make it easier is a welcome improvement. I love startups and little ideas like this, so this is fun. Keep up the good work!"  Andrew W. 


"Love the info provided! Great tool for me as a GA pilot!"  Chris D.

"Works flawlessly. App is part of my flight planning."  Michael H.

"I use this app frequently on cross country trips when determining where to stay the night. Glenn is always very helpful and keeps the app updated."  Jacob V. (2nd review).

"I'm a private pilot who flies often for business.  This unique app is really useful. You should charge 99 cents to help on keeping up with the data.."  Robert R.

"Great app for planning where to stop for fuel etc. on xc flights..."  Michael W.

" I especially love the details on KSXU Santa Rosa NM. Thanks Glenn!"  Stephanie S.

"Great App! -  obviously a lot of work in collecting the data Valuable travel info at one's finger tip. Thanks GB!"  John M.

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"Great app.  Nice design and very user friendly."  Tom D.

"Terrific App What a great idea.  It certainly will make finding a courtesy car easier".  Jay H.

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"My RV isn't even flying yet, but I love the app you've created. I anticipate it being very helpful when my wife and I start traveling cross country. Thanks, Glenn!"  Bruce S.


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"Thank you again for creating and supporting your wonderful app.  I have indeed had occasions to use it to plan destinations.  Also used it in flight when deciding on a unplanned, intermediate landing due to an airsick passenger. Regards, George H."

"Your work is valuable and appreciated!"
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"Great site, wishing you good success."  Albert C.

 "I think this is a great idea and I love the concept. Thanks for doing this."  Chad M.


"Thanks Glenn! I appreciate your creative idea and wish to make small contribution. I think you deserve a free ongoing membership on COPA ! Will suggest. I ...think your idea to create ACC is fantastic...Wish you the best. Best & Happy New Year!" Bruce M. @ KEFK"

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After thanking Chris E. for a donation, he wrote:  "You da bomb for maintaining this webpage for the GA community, Glenn.  Labor of love, to be sure.  $10/year is the least I can offer."

"Thanks and keep up the good work."  Doug W.

"I really appreciate your website and hope to help out with info. 
Thank you so much for the site!"  Ben L. 

​ "Thanks for doing the website. Awfully cool resource."
 Jerry R.

"Great website you have set up."  Brett and Heather.

Another Jerry writes: "Thanks for keeping this site up!"

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Robin says "It gives our $200 burger runs a little more 
purpose, and we know how very useful the site has been for our planning purposes."

Jamy says "Hey! Thanks for maintaining a helpful site.  Keep up the great work!"

Robin says "Hope all is going well; we talk up the website everywhere we land! :-D

Thank you for creating your website.   Aaron.

Sam says: "Thanks for the website! Its a great help!"

​Jerry says: "Thanks for your great site!"

Thanks for the work you do keeping this site up.  I have been telling every pilot I run into about the website.  Hank

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Please note:  Many of these user comments refer to the site as an app.  In 2017 I converted the app to a website, which can be viewed on any device and is not subject to crashing, etc.  

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