2020 marks our fifth year in operation and our list continues to grow with over 2,030 courtesy cars, along with other features such as on field cafes (in case your car isn't there), and an increasing list of over 100 MOGAS locations and pictures of cars.  Please help with the expenses of this site.  I take no salary.


2020 Donors


James Anderson

​Robert Bounds

Robin Browne (3rd year) has made the largest donation to date to the site,

 his generosity is greatly appreciated.

Jim Butcher

Pete Cafarelli (5th year)

​Paul Collins (3rd year)

Lynn Coriell (2nd year)

​Jorge Diaz-Silveira (2nd year, 3rd donation)

​Ronald Deutch

​Jeffrey Davis

Brett Duncan (2nd year)

Chris Erkmann (4th year)

Christopher Fallang (4th year)

Gordon Feingold (3rd year)

Tom Gade (3rd year) 

​David Johnson (3rd year)

Lee Logan (3rd year)

​Mike Marra

Larry Mersek (4th year)

Tom Phillips (2nd year)

Francis Ridolfi

​Chuck Schroll

Jerrold Seckler (3rd year)

Fred Skoda (2nd year)

Mark Swaney (2nd year)

Dick Tasker (5th year)

​Francis Warfield




Below are 2019 donors, Thanks! 


George Bakken

​Robin Browne (2nd year)

​William Campbell

​Albert Carr (2nd year)

Paul Collins (2nd year)

 Lynn Coriell

​Brett Duncan

​Chris Erkmann (3rd year)

​Christopher Fallang (3rd year)

Gordon Feingold (2nd year-see pic also)

Tom Gade​ (2nd year)

​David Johnson (2nd year)

​Lee Logan (2nd year-see pic also)

​David Maib (2nd year)

Larry Mersek (3rd year-see pic also)

​Noel Olebos (2nd year)

​Ned Robbins

​Larry Rowse (2nd year)

Jerrold Seckler (2nd year)

​Tom Sharp

Fred Skoda  (see pic also)

Jay Swindle

Richard Tasker (4th year!)

Thomas Willis (see pic also)





 ​Below is a list of 2018 donors, thank you!


Robert Beach

​Robin Browne (See pic also)

​Pete Cafarelli (3rd year)

Roger Curtis (2nd time this year)

​Dale Ellis

Chris Erkmann

Thomas Gade

Lee Logan (2nd year)

Tom Phillips

Gary Roberts

Jerry Robertson

Larry Rowse

Richard Tasker (3rd year)

​Thomas Willis


​​Hal Bryan
Pete Cafarelli
​Lonnie Miller
Rolf Unternaeher
William Siegel
Robert King
Dan Houseman
Gordon Feingold
Jerrold Seckler
Thomas Flynn
Darryl Burns
Phil Salter
Thomas Darden
Jim Hausch
Bruce Swayze
Charles Cluck
Mahlon Moore
Gilles Michand
John Woodrow
Richard Tasker
G. Williams
James McBurney
William Reining
Jorge Diaz-Silvera (2 donations!)
A.J. Pawlowski
Rob Gingell
Todd Smith
Dave Roland
William Donahoe
Gordon Broich
Noel Olebos
Charlie Brame
Richard Colaluca
Mark Swaney
Laura Herrmann
Alan Warfield
Steven Schmidt
Paul Collins
​Scott Wentz
Chris Fallang
Dennis Keys
Matt Rhoades
Michael Kramer
​David Johnson
​DeWitt Whittington
​Micah Much
​William Bixenman
​Joseph Forbes
​Barry Lerman
​Larry Mersek
​Stephan Holger
​Jeff Clark
John Gordon
​Pierre Redmond
Marc & Barbara Barenfeld
George Hawkins
Dennis Brooks
Phil Monroe
Sam Kittle
Dale Ellis
​F J Colby
Terry Ogilvie
​Mark Hubelbank
Very Special Donation From Michael Miller
Annon-Saginaw, MI.
Jess Meyers
​Henry Hockbery for 4 others.
Mach Kreizenbeck​​​​​

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2022 Donors


Chris at Lodestone Systems 

​Chris Fallang (5th year)

​Henry (Hank) Konzelmann

Lincoln (MT) Airport Foundation

​Larry Rowse (4th year)

Steve Strouk

Stephen Taylor

Robert West


​Jim & Heather

2021 Donors

Lieven Bertels

​Jim Butcher (2nd year)

​Brett Duncan

​Chris Erkmann (5th year)

​Gordon Feingold (4th year)

​Matthew Fritz

​Clay Hardin​​

​Noel Olebos

​Danny Poletto

​Ron Powell

​Francis Ridolfi (2nd year)

​Larry Rowse (3rd year)

Steven Schmidt​​

​Jerrold Seckler (4th year)

David Senn

​Fred Skoda (3rd year)

​Richard Tasker (6th year!)

Keith Tyndall

David VandeWater

2017 Donors


​Keith Massie

​Pete Cafarelli (2nd year)

Charles Cluck (2nd year)

Christopher Fallang (2nd year, 2nd time this year)

​Kenneth Hetge

​Ned Robbins (donations)

Kenny Adams

​Donald W. Sjoblom

Chris Erkmann

Jimmy Anderson

​Philip Yoder

Charles Cluck

​Wes Lorier

​Scott Gregg

​Very Special Donation for the 2nd year from Michael Miller

​Tim Greer

​Richard Tasker (2nd year)

​Lee Logan

​Sidney Smith

​David Maib

​Sam Kittle

​Joe Bryant

​Philip Yoder (2nd donation this year)

​Larry Mersek (2nd year)

​Ronald Burnett

​Albert Carr

​Paul Sherrerd

​Philip Haws

Bruce Macfarlane

​Stephen Paschke

​A very special donation from Jason Wolfson 

A special "Thank You" to these recent 2016 donors who have kept this site alive.  All donations go back into the site, I take no salary.  See the bottom of the page to add your name to the list.

​2023 Donors

​Dickey Bhagat

​James Butcher

David Clark

​Robert Ellstrom

​Henry Hochberg

​Jim Kleiss

​Mike Kusnir

​Alan Meyer

​Larry Rowse (5th year)

Fred Skoda (4th year)

2024 Donors

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