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U52 Beaver Municipal Airport.  Russ reports in 12/2020: "435-438-2451
call for key lockbox number and airport gate code during normal business hours (local city office).  1 car."

KCDC Cedar City Regional
-Sphere One Aviation "AZPILOT writes: "They had several courtesy cars there. We got a Honda CRV. It was about a 2,000 model year, but I am not positive. It had about 250,000 miles. They have you sign a form basically saying you won't abuse it, then let you go. Oh ya, you have to stay local and they want it back in two hours. We put about 25 miles on it, and it took 0.8 gallons. I can't complain at all. It was great." 7/16


1L7 Escalante Municipal Airport  -Sphere One Aviation. 11/17   435-586-4504

KFOM Fillmore Municipal Airport. Russ reports in 12/20: "435-743-6150
call for car sign out and access - airport manager lives on site. 1 car." 

KHCR  Heber City Municipal Airport - Russ McDonald Field  -OK3 Air.  3/18  

435-654 3962.  High fuel prices and landing fees reported on Foreflight.

69V Huntington Municipal  -Huntington Aviation  435-749-1912

KLGU Logan-Cache Airport.  -Leading Edge Aviation.   435-752-5955  2 cars. 8/16

41U Manti-Ephraim Airport. Ted says: " Go inside the pilot/passenger lounge, and there is a little lockbox. Call the number, and you can get the combo for the box."  11/2020.  435-283-4631

KCNY  Moab Canyonlands Field Airport.  -Redtail Aviation.  9/16  435-259-7421

-U64 Monticello Airport  435-587-2271 

A user writes there is a car available with a sign out sheet .  He also reports a free round of golf for any airplane landing! Per Tim, 7/15.

U14 Nephi
 I was boxed in by thunderstorms and landed in Nephi Utah U14. The airport was deserted and no one at the airport office. The airport is owned by the city and fortunately a city worker was driving by and offered assistance. The city recently placed a courtesy car at the airport. He gave me the combination of the lock box that held the key to a Ford crown vic. Problem solved. I was able to drive to Nephi,  get a room,  and I was on my way the next morning.  If the airport office is closed, call the airport manager
435 623 0822.

KOGD Ogden.  -CB Jet Center.  3/18.     801-621-0326  Steve says 9/2020 "A local restaurant has begun serving breakfast and lunch in the terminal building. The “Bickering Sisters” is currently open from 7:30 to 2:00 M-F."

KPVU Provo Municipal Airport  -TAC Air. High fees reported on Air Nav.  801-356-3535

-KRIF Richfield Municipal Airport  4 cars available. 2/18  435-896-9413

-U42 Salt Lake City South Valley Regional  Shuttle Van   801-858-0042

KSPK Spanish Fork Airport-Springville-Woodhouse Field. 3/18
Allen says courtesy car is available by calling the airport manager. 


-KSGU St. George Municipal.  3/18  435-688-8009

KVEL Vernal Regional.
-Apex Aviation.  4/17   
Also, Jason reports 3 cars are available at Dinaland Aviation. 8/17  435-789-4612

KENV Wendover Airport. Mike says a Crown Vic is available.   3/17.  435-665-2308​​


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