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KDDH Bennington William H Morse State Airport.  News story reports a "gently used" Subaru donated by a local dealer to the airport.  11/17.  802-442-5503

KBTV Burlington
-Heritage Aviation. Capt. John says they have 2 Toyota Prius cars, a very friendly FBO with lots of coffee, a workout and snooze room and a theatre. 8/16  


​KFSO Highgate. Franklin County State Airport.  George says they have a courtesy car. 1/17. Contact the FBO Border Air at 802-868-2822.


-KMVL Morrisville-Stowe State Airport. Roger says: "the airport in has a VW gasoline powered car available for free for use at the main airport terminal. I used the car several weeks ago and had it for half the day and there is no charge."  (Stowe Aviation- 802-253-2332 )  8/16

KEFK Newport State Airport.  3/15
Bruce says a courtesy car is available at -Lakeview Aviation,
 892-334-5001 ask for Dan or Zach. 
He adds "Jay Peak resort van service available at 

KRUT Rutland. Sheena reports:  -Columbia Air Services, 802-773-3348 
Car available for 1 hour with 10 gallon fuel purchase.  5/15

Cafe on field.  Airport cafe.  802-770-1855

OB7 Warren Sugarbush Airport.  Courtesy van from the West Hill House B&B.  802-496-7162

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