KEAT Wenatchee-Pangborn Muni.  
-Pangborn Flight Center. 2/18  

​-Executive Flight. 2/18  509-884-1545

KYKM Yakima-McAllister Field.  McCormick Air.  2/18  509-248-1680

​If you see an error, please tell us.  Have a picture of a car?  Send it in!

Please tell the FBO you found their car here, on A.C.C's!

KAWO Arlington Muni.   -Arlington Flight Services. Kris says: "very friendly, overnight use possible, call ahead in case you arrive outside office hours, keys can be deposited in key lock box." 5/19    360-435-5700   Cafe on field.  Ellie's at the Airport.   360-435-4777

KBLI Bellingham International

-Command Aviation. Jeffrey L. says they have a BMW SUV, call to reserve. 1/17.  360-773-3174
-​Car also at Bellingham Aviation Services.  360-676-7624

-KPWT Bremerton National Airport. Avian Flight Center. Mikes update 1/2024 360-674-2111​ Cafe on field. Amelia's at 360-525-2455

8S2 Cashmere Dryden Airport - (509) 782-3321 no reservations taken. 2/15

KCLS Chehalis-Centralia Airport.  360-748-1230

S10 Chelan. Mike updates 08/2024 that the police cruiser is still there but may get put away in the winter.    509-682-5976

Keys are in the Pilot Lounge, at the desk and drivers should fill out the insurance info on form supplied.  Great find if you want to check town or nearby wineries.

63S Colville Municipal Airport. Tom says: "Great little airport, very friendly, two well maintained courtesy cars. They charge $10 per day. Airport manager is Dave."  Roger adds nice pilot lounge. Updated 7/2020 509-684-1566. Or 509-685-9056

​-68S Davenport Airport.   509-725-4352  David gave an update and photo, 8/2021: "The courtesy car book with the keys and sign-out sheets is in the lounge.  The airport manager asks users to limit their travel to a 15 mile radius, and a $5.00 donation is requested.  The donation jar is on top of the refrigerator.

​-KPSC Pasco-Tri Cities Airport.  Bergstrom Aircraft. Updated Malin says in 11/2020: "Reliable Chevy Impala at PSC. Also have a Minivan."  ​​ 509-547-6271  Michel adds: "Great, clean cars they have a Chevy Impala and a Toyota Sienna minivan, staff is great and call ahead to see if it's available and it was and when i got there it was ready to go, great place to stop staff, and line service  is very helpful"

3W7 Electric City. Grand Coulee Dam Airport. Igor says: "It is low mileage Ford Taurus Wagon (A/C seemed weak, though) and it's great to borrow it and take a tour of Grand Coulee Dam and see their laser light show."  7/18   509-633-1319

​​KELN Ellensburg.  Bowers Field Airport. Max says Midstate Aviation has a car available, open Mon-Sat 8 am-5pm.  8/16.  509-962-7850

KEPH Ephrata Muni.  "Courtesy transportation."  11/2021  509-754-3508

KPAE Everett-Paine Field   Castle & Cook.  11/2021  425-355-6600

​S20 Goldendale Airport. David writes: "The 90’s vintage white Chevy Lumina with the city logo on the doors is the airport courtesy car.  The keys can be found in a lock box on the door to the building just west of the car.  CTAF is the code to the lock box." 7/2021  509- 261-9442  FOR EMERGENCIES CALL POLICE CHIEF, 509-261-9402.

W01 Tonasket Municipal Airport.  Doug reports a Chevy Impala Courtesy Car.  Updated 7/2020  509-322-7432

KALW Walla Walla Regional Airport.  David says: "Gorge Aviation Services, 509-525-9851, offers a Chevy HHR on a first come
first serve basis.  It needs to be returned before the FBO closes for the
day (currently 6 pm).  Please call ahead for the landing and ramp fees
and/or fuel purchase requirements.  08/2021

W10Langley, Whidbey Air Park.  Noshur says: "90's Ford Taurus located West of the field."  For security, call ahead for key location.   360-321-0510  Cafe on field. Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.  Bruce says: "I've enjoyed Coffee and a meal there about 5 times now. Great experience every time. Walk up a short path on the west side of runway to get there. Open 8am-4pm Tues - Sat."  6/2021

M94 Mattawa- Desert Aire Airport
Airport manager Karl says: "We don't have a courtesy car, but will drive anyone....anywhere. And the golf shop will also show up with a golf cart if you're playing."    

KMWH Moses Lake-Grant Co.   Million Air.  2/18  509-762-2222

S35 Okanogan Legion Airport.  509-422-3600  "Free cars for the local area."  Updated 7/2020

KOLM Olympia Regional.   Henry updates: "
They have a Honda Civic as a loaner.  Really nice staff.  Highly recommended!
Safety in Motion 11/2022.   360-754-4043

​KOMK  Omak Airport.  David says: "Omak offers a very nice Mercury Grand Marquis.  The lockbox is in the terminal building.  Just enter the transponder squawk code for hijacking and the car is yours.  3/2023.  509-826-1170

-KRLD Richland Airport.  Sundance Aviation.  2/18  509-946-2515

KBVS Skagit. CT says: "they have a new Camry if your lucky to get it, also an old BMW 7 series, an old diesel truck and an old Chevy Lumina."  4/19  360-757-7757  

KSEA Seattle-Tacoma Intl.  Signature.  "Courtesy Transportation". 1/15  206-433-5481

KBFI Seattle Boeing Field-King Co. 
Landmark.  2/18  
Clay Lacy.  2/18  
Kenmore Aero Service.  2/18  

-KSFF Spokane-Felts Field.   Western Aviation  509-534-7371

Cafe on field.  Skyway Cafe.  509-455-6455

​KGEG Spokane International Airport. David writes: "Signature Flight Support, 509-455-5204, offers the use of this late model
Nissan Altima for up to three hours, on a first come first serve basis.
Please call ahead for the landing and ramp fees, and fuel purchase

​Click Blue Airport ID For Air Nav.

​-KCLM Port Angeles - William R Fairchild International Airport.  Paul says a car is available at Rite Brothers.  8/16.   360-452-6226 or 800-430-7483.  

0S9 Port Townsend  Rob updates 7/2021. "Red mini-van in June 2021.  Worked well.  They also have a sedan (I think a Chevy of some sort) that I've used and it works well too." -Tailspin Tommy's 360-385-1308  Cafe on field.  Spruce Goose cafe.  360-385-3185

-S40 Prosser Airport  "Courtesy Transportation" Updated 11/2020  509-786-2053

​-KPUW Pullman/Moscow Regional Airport. Kris says: "I had a red van, overnight use possible, friendly staff helped me with an engine issue beyond normal office hours." John advises togas no longer available 9/2021.   509-332-6596

-KRNT Renton Airport. Bradley says they have a car at Rainer Flight Service.  8/16  425-610-6293


​-KDEW Deer Park.  Rob updates 7/2021. "Courtesy Car still there, keys in the pilot's lounge, Airport Manager is almost always on-site running around if you need help."  509-276-3379  

KORS Eastsound-Orcas Island.  360-376-5285, Spencer gives us an update: "The sweet old benz at KORS died and has been replaced with a Chevy Malibu."  5/19

KKLS.  Kelso.  Southwest Washington Regional Airport.  Cascade Air. Thank you David.  3/2023.  360-232-8936